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Finding a good wrecking yard where to buy parts for your vehicle at a good price and with the corresponding guarantee is not always easy task. Below we offer you a list so that you can navigate the different states of our country and check which businesses are available near your location.

Tips before making business with a junkyard near you

Do not let your recently sold used vehicle continue to be registered in your name, as you will be assuming a number of responsibilities, especially related to parking fines or worse, accidents. In addition to this, in some states a special tax is levied on the ownership of motor vehicles, so if you keep your car registered after selling it, you will have to pay it!

The way to cancel the registration of a vehicle is different in each state of the U.S (for example in the state of Connecticut). From here we recommend that, at the time of the car sale, get timely proof of cancellation of the registration, especially if the buyer does not do it on his part. It is important to avoid future bills against you.

At the time of selling an used vehicle, I always choose a junk yard near me that moves to my address and take my car for free.

There are many businesses that offer this service at no extra cost, so it makes no sense to pay for the transfer of the vehicle. Keep in mind that your car has a lot of value for the junk yard, so the company has compelling reasons to tow it for free.

Following this recommendations we will help you getting extra money for your used car that you surely did not expect. First of all, we advise you to gather all the documents related to the maintenance of the vehicle that you can. This will demonstrate to the buyer that you have been a responsible owner and will be open to paying a little more.

Something fundamental and that many people overlook is the deep cleaning of the car before going to sell it. The first impression is usually the one that counts and a clean car is much more attractive. Of course, it is highly recommended to repair the small scratches that often appear on the chassis with daily use. It is also very appropriate to do the basic maintenance of the vehicle on your own: we refer to the replacement of oil, brake fluid, tires, etc. Check the prices of used cars to get an approximate idea of ​​the current valuation of your vehicle and if necessary go to a professional who guides you in this task.

When I'm looking for quality used parts for my car, there are some key aspects I look for in the junk yard near me I have chosen, let's see them. Something really basic that you should always keep in mind is the warranty that the salvage yard offers for your parts on sale. This may seem like something obvious, but it is good to have clear what we can accept and what not before leaving home to buy parts for the vehicle.

As a general rule, the most important aspect related to the type of warranty you can get for any used auto part, is the type of part you are buying. In this sense, we must always ask in the business where you are buying, because it is usually very different the guarantee offered for the electrical parts, mechanical pieces, chassis, suspension...

If there is one thing we are sure of here, it is that the vehicle dealerships are the last place you want to visit if you want to save some money.

As a general rule, buying a second-hand part for your vehicle will always be the smartest and most economical option. Now, there is a possibility that you may not find the exact part you need for your car in a nearby salvage yard, in a local store or even on the Internet. In that case, you will probably have to resort to an official dealer, but this is not a very common situation. We recommend that you evaluate and exhaust any other possibility before going to a dealer. Do it only if you have no choice but to do so.

It is very common for vehicle junk yards to try to match the lowest price for a second-hand piece you have found in the same area. We could say that it is some kind of courtesy between these businesses. Despite this, we are going to make two recommendations about this:

  • Keep in mind that the salvage yards will equalize prices as long as the spare in question is in the same conditions. That is, do not expect the same price for a 10,000-mile engine as for a 100,000-mile engine, it is not comparable.
  • Before haggling with the person in charge of the scrapping, he thoroughly reviews the offer of second-hand parts in the various internet websites that offer them. That way, if the seller checks it, you will see that you have investigated and you are clear about what the real price of the piece should be.

There are parts for high-end, classic, hybrid and electric cars that are really hard to come by. Imagine for example that you need a specific piece of the hybrid engine of a 2017 Toyota RAV4... it is not a component that you are going to find out there with ease. In most cases, these pieces are really expensive when we look for them at the dealership and they are extremely difficult to locate on the Internet, so scarce they are.

The simplest way to buy this type of rare pieces is to locate a junk yard near you in the vicinity that has the same vehicle and go in person to see if that component is still available. We recommend that you use our database to see the contact details of the different businesses in your area and make a few calls or visit their respective web pages to make sure that the car is in your stock and thus avoid wasting time.

You will not be offered small tools in the salvage yard, such as screwdrivers or wrenches. When you go to visit to find used parts, we highly recommend you take a good toolbox with keys of different sizes, so you can unscrew any type of nut or loosen any size of screw you can face. It is even possible that some pieces require specific tools to remove them, so it is best to do some preliminary research work and acquire the right tool before going to the scrapyard.

There are many and very good wrecking yards on our database and from here we recommend that you browse through the listings to find the nearest one. Additionally, you can find below the recently featured "junk yards near me", which stand out for the quality of the vehicle parts they sell and the customer service.

Midwest Salvage, Inc.

101 Not Right Lane
Shipshewana 46565

Cooper RV Salvage

123 RV Street
Elkhart 42719

insurance quality Parts

3601 nw 55 st unit 104
Miami 33142

Todd's Auto Parts

410 N Hayford Rd
Spokane 99224

Fenton Auto Salvage Used Car Sales

1200 Torrey Rd
Fenton 48430

Manns Used Parts

2501 Alfred Hartley Rd
Lenoir 28645
North Carolina

Astoria Auto Wrecking

34541 Highway 105
Astoria 97103

Austin Imports

San Marcos 78666

C & D Auto Parts

205 W Mockingbird Ln
Victoria 77904

All Mopar Parts

283 North Franklin Street
Hempstead 11550
New York

Quarno's Auto Salvage

550 Quarno Rd
Cocoa 32927

Zerniak Auto Parts

8684 W Ridge Rd
Brockport 14420
New York

Hays Auto Salvage

Highway 162 E & I-55
Portageville 63873

Glenn's Auto & Truck Parts

3933 Pinemont Dr
Houston 77018

Amigos Used Auto Parts

238 Parkhurst St
Newark 07114
New Jersey

All Dodge Truck & Van Dismantlers

3731 Recycle Road
Rancho Cordova 95742

All BMW Parts - Bavarian Auto Recycling

3688 Omec Circle
Rancho Cordova 95742

Chappells Junkyard

4630 County Road 46
Canandaigua 14424
New York

Cars 4 Cash INC.

96 Keswick Road
Rochester 14609
New York


1602 Milton Ave
Des Moines 50316

Cottman Used Auto Parts

Philadelphia 19124

D & S Light Truck & Auto Parts Inc

5403 Dike Rd
Longview 98632

Dino's Corvette Salvage, LLC

3545 Hwy 43 N
Picayune 39466

Wichita Falls Motorcars

4515 Allendale Rd.
Wichita Falls 76310