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Recent Junk Car Sales

2004 Lexus RX 330
2004 Lexus RX 330
Makawao, HI 96768
Sold for $1,000
2001 Mazda Tribute
2001 Mazda Tribute
Strathmore, AB T1P 1B1
Sold for $1,500
1999 Buick Park Avenue
1999 Buick Park Avenue
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Sold for $500
2005 Ford Escape
2005 Ford Escape
Audubon, NJ 08106
Sold for $1,200

Not sure how much to ask for your vehicle? Want to know how much it's worth?

Take a look at the price of other junk cars for sale by owner like yours.

How to sell a junk car in a nutshell

Here's how to do it depending on your preference.

🚀 The fastest way

Sell Your Junk Car in a Snap with Instant Online Quotes.

When it comes to selling your junk vehicle, Peddle is our number one recommendation. However, if you're seeking a different option, Pull-A-Part is a solid choice. Both are reliable companies with years of expertise in buying junk cars.

Expect fair prices, hassle-free towing, and receive cash payment upon pick up. Usually within 24 hours of accepting their offer.

You should also explore nearby junkyards and get in touch with them. Many of them buy junk cars for parts and often offer to come and collect the vehicle. Get an estimate of their payment, compare and check if they provide pick up service.

By taking these steps, you can quickly and easily turn your old, unwanted car into cash.


  • Super easy, quick and convenient.


  • Lower payout.
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💵 The more profitable way

Maximize Your Junk Car's Value with Online Advertisements.

Unleash the full potential of your junk car by selling its parts individually. This is a great way to make the most of your vehicle if you have the proper tools and expertise.

Here are the most valuable car parts to focus on:

  • Under the Hood: Engine, Transmission, Alternator, Starter, Radiator, A/C System.
  • Underneath: Catalytic Converter, Wheels, Tires.
  • Interior: GPS System, Airbags, Seats, Audio System, Electric Motors, Mechanisms.
  • Exterior: Fender, Doors, Bumper, Hood, Trunk, Rear Hatch, Tailgate, Headlights, Taillights.

Selling it for parts is not the only option, you can also advertise your car as a whole and get a good return on it.


  • More complicated but more profitable $$$.


  • Requires time, garage space and automotive expertise.
Choose the most profitable way

Who buys junk cars for cash

You might be surprised to learn that there are people out there who are willing to buy it from you.

Despite being junk, your old car still has value. Sold by weight to a junkyard or for parts to individuals who will buy those in good condition at a better price than at an auto parts store, you can still get good money for it.

Junk car buyers are typically car dealerships or salvage yards that specialize in buying and selling used cars. They will buy any car regardless of the condition, age, or make and model. The car may be a total write-off and beyond repair, but the buyer will still take it off your hands in exchange for a reasonable price.

In addition, many people buy junk cars because they are cheap. Whether for a project car, to use as parts or to repair their own vehicle.

So, you want to get rid of that clunker? Advertise it with us now to reach those people who buy junk cars, also without title!

Old Ford F-150
Fig.1 - Old Ford F-150 that has reached end of life.

FAQs on Selling your Junk Car

  • How do I find reputable car junk car buyers near me?
    A: You can search online, ask for recommendations from friends or family, or check local business directories, like ours.
  • What information do I need to provide when contacting a junk car buyer?
    A: Be ready to share details about your car, including its make, model, year, mileage, and overall condition.
  • Do these businesses buy cars in any condition?
    A: Many car buyers specialize in purchasing vehicles in various conditions, including those that are damaged or no longer running.
  • Can I sell a car without a title?
    A: While some junk car buyers may accept cars without titles, having a title usually makes the process smoother. Check with the specific business for their requirements.
  • How is the value of my car determined?
    A: Junk car buyers typically consider factors like the car's weight, condition, and the current price of scrap metal.
  • What if my car is missing some parts?
    A: Used car buyers may still be interested, but missing parts could affect the overall value. Provide details about any missing components when inquiring.
  • Can I sell a car with outstanding loans?
    A: Junk car buyers may accept cars with outstanding loans, but you'll need to settle the loan before completing the sale.
  • Is towing provided when selling a junk car?
    A: Some businesses offer free towing services, while others may deduct towing costs from the final payment. Clarify this before finalizing the deal.
  • How quickly can I get my car picked up?
    A: The pickup time can vary. Some junk auto buyers offer same-day or next-day pickups, while others may schedule it based on availability.
  • Are there fees associated with selling my car?
    A: Some used car buyers charge towing fees or service fees. Ensure you understand the terms and any potential costs before agreeing to the sale.
  • What documentation do I need to sell my car?
    A: Usually, you'll need the car title, and in some cases, a valid ID. Check with the business for specific document requirements.
  • Can I sell a car that failed emissions testing?
    A: Yes, many recyclers purchase cars with salvage titles. They often dismantle these cars for usable parts or recycle the scrap metal.
  • What happens to my car after I sell it?
    A: The junk car buyer may salvage usable parts, recycle materials, or resell the car as scrap metal.
  • Can I negotiate the price?
    A: Yes, negotiating is often possible. Provide accurate information about your car's condition to get a fair offer.
  • Can I remove personal belongings from the car before selling it?
    A: Yes, it's advisable to remove personal belongings before the buyer takes possession of the car.
  • Can I sell a flooded or water-damaged car?
    A: Yes, some junk auto purchasers may be interested in buying flooded or water-damaged cars. Provide details about the extent of the damage.
  • Do I need to be present when the junk car buyer picks up my vehicle?
    A: It depends on the company. Some require your presence, while others may pick up the car even if you're not there.
  • How do I cancel the car's insurance after selling it?
    A: Contact your insurance company to cancel coverage once the sale is complete. Provide them with the necessary details about the sale.
  • Are there restrictions on selling certain types of cars?
    A: Some companies may have restrictions on specific makes or models. Inquire about any limitations when contacting them.
  • What if my car is not registered?
    A: Check with the purchaser. Some may still buy unregistered cars, but having proper registration documentation can simplify the process.
  • Do junk car buyers buy classic or vintage autos?
    A: Some buyers specialize in classic cars, while others may not. Look for companies that express interest in older or classic vehicles.
  • Are there environmental regulations when selling a car?
    A: Junk car buyers are typically regulated and follow environmental standards in disposing of fluids and materials from scrapped cars.
  • How can I ensure a smooth transaction when selling my car?
    A: Be honest about your car's condition, provide accurate information, and have all necessary documents ready. Choose a reputable purchaser with positive reviews for a reliable transaction.