Pontiac Trans Sport 1998
Grand Rapids, MI

2nd owner since Feb 2006. Under body rust makes it non driveable. Engine installed in 2009 now has about 75k miles on it. Transmission good. Passenger side slide door will not open, other doors are good. Many parts to salvage. Car will start if you put a battery in it. Fluid now coming from rusted metal in radiator cradle area. It has been sitting for over a year but started 3 days ago. 7/24/17. Clear title available. No accidents just Michigan winter rust making this a parts car only.

Grand Rapids, MI 49505


130,000 - 140,000

About this Pontiac Trans Sport 1998

This salvage car AD was edited on July 27, 2017 and it is located in the city of Grand Rapids, state of Michigan. In case you're interested on the entire Pontiac Trans Sport 1998 or any piece, or have any related question, please complete the form below in order to talk directly to the seller.

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