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The safest way to buy used car parts and salvaged autos is by contacting the seller directly and talking in person to review the material you are going to buy. We recommend that you make sure that the part you are interested in is exactly the one that matches your auto model and its year of manufacture. It is a good idea to ask the seller for more images of the spares so you do not waste your time and money. Here you will locate the GMC Acadia for sale by our visitor (complete or by parts) with their corresponding images and the info you need.

GMC Acadia 2008

GMC Acadia 2008

110,000 - 120,000 miles

2008 GMC Acadia. 117,000 miles. Engine is no good. Looking to just sale as a whole vehicle silver color has all parts.

Thayne, WY 83217

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Our site allows you to speak directly with the seller of the second-hand pieces you need. This way you can be sure they work perfectly and they will be 100% compatible with your auto. It can also be interesting for you because, on occasion, you can convince a reluctant seller to sell you an specific part, or maybe negotiate a little the price if it seems expensive.

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As you can imagine, the visitors of our website are free to set the price they want to their second-hand autos and their junk parts. Here is the law of supply and demand that commands. So they are in perfect right to put the price they consider more suitable, but also you can discard it or negotiate it to reach an agreement. The optimal method to proceed is: once you have seen the price requested by the seller, locate the price of the new spare or even go to a salvage yard to compare and decide what price is right to you. When you are clear about the maximum you would spend, it is time to contact the seller and negotiate in a civilized way.