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Under this paragraph you will locate the best junk vehicles and salvage parts from the make FIAT put up for sale (completely FREE) by our users. Our repository delivers you all kinds of auto spares including used pieces, engines, transmissions, chassis pieces and much more. To simplify your search, you can review the list that you will see below with the latest vehicles added or use the model selector shown on your right. To check the full information of an auto, you only have to click on the title and you can get in touch with the seller in a simple and free way.

FIAT 500 2012

FIAT 500 2012

80,000 - 90,000 miles

Can’t figure out why it won’t start. New battery and new starter. Overall good condition besides not starting.

Peoria, IL 61614

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To find the best second-hand spares for your FIAT car you can use both the general listing you see on these lines, or the model selector that you can locate at the top of the page. We advise you to use the second method, because it is easier and will save you time if we do not have the model in our database. You can also take advantage of the list that you can see above on the right, where the most popular models among our users are shown. We understand that the most popular models are those that have the most advertised on our website.

Why junk my car?

There are many motivations why you would want to sell your salvage auto, both complete and separately in spares. Many of our visitors tell us that they do this to avoid having to take it to a salvage yard, where they will surely get much less money, especially if you still have many parts in great condition. Another reason why an user might want to sell his FIAT auto here is to get cash quickly, especially when it comes to selling the pieces separately, which is what most potential buyers usually look for.