What paperwork do I need to sell my car to a junkyard? [GUIDE]

Many times in life, we have to face things that we do not want, like selling our car to a junkyard near you because it is beyond repair. There are also other people who sell their car for scrap or parts in good condition, although this option is not the best since there will be other places where they offer us more money. But even so, if due to life circumstances, if we have or want to take our car to the salvage yard, in this article I will provide you with the necessary information to be able to take it.

Top 10 largest auto junkyards in the United States

For many people, the fact of visiting a junkyard can be a bad thing, since this place is full of garbage. but on the other hand, for those who like cars, going to a salvage yard can be a very nice adventure. Nearly thirteen million vehicles are recycled in the United States each year. And most of the junkyards are located on the outskirts of the cities, since they have a high degree of pollution.

Most common junkyard scams and how to avoid them

In this article we will talk about the most common scams with cars, and we will learn how to avoid them. Before buying a second-hand vehicle, we always have to be careful of scams. But more so today, since we are entering a crisis which makes people desperate to earn money, even illegally. Nowadays, scams have become very common on the internet, as it is an easy field, where fake ads can be posted to fool people. That is why we will have to be careful with fraudulent pages and false advertisements. But that's why here I leave you some of the most common scams and some advice to avoid them.

How to get a salvage title in the US

The fact of buying a junk car in the United States is usually a good idea, since the prices are usually cheap. But, if when reading the used car advertisement the term 'salvage title' appears, the alarms should go off. In the US, this designation means that the car has significant mechanical damage. In some countries it means total loss. It is awarded to vehicles that have suffered between 75 and 90% damage in an accident.

What should I check before buying a second-hand transmission from a junkyard?

We would all like our car to last forever, not to have to carry out regular inspections and, of course, not to end up as junk parts. The reality is much harsher and it is normal that you have to get used to buying used parts in a salvage yard with guarantees, whenever you want to save a few dollars. Among the possible problems that your auto may have, perhaps two of the most serious are those related to the engine and the transmission.