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Used Transmission

What should I check before buying a second-hand transmission from a junkyard?

We would all like our car to last forever, not to have to carry out regular inspections and, of course, not to end up as junk parts. The reality is much harsher and it is normal that you have to get used to buying used parts in a salvage yard with guarantees, whenever you want to save a few dollars. Among the possible problems that your auto may have, perhaps two of the most serious are those related to the engine and the transmission.

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Auto Parts

The 5 best parts you can buy in a wrecking yard

If you own a car, you know that you have to pay every year not only for maintenance but also for taxes, fuel and other unforeseen expenses. In addition to this, insurance can become expensive (depending on the case) and it is mandatory to take the vehicle to the official inspection, once a year. Therefore, when we are faced with the need to carry out a repair of some importance of our car, it is advisable to also assess the acquisition of guaranteed scrap yard parts. The list below can help you save a few dollars and work perfectly for very long periods.