Tips on how to sell a junk vehicle without registration in Texas

Junk Vehicle Without Registration Texas

In this post we will see how to register our second-hand car in Texas, without the certificate. If we live in another state, it is best to visit the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or go to its closest offices. They will provide you with more information.

If we want to register our car in Texas, we will visit the website of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, where they have a form with several questions which we must print and fill in with our information. Later we will deliver it to the department along with the eight dollars we need to complete the registration. We must also take our documents and those of the car to verify the information on the form. When they have accepted the application, we will receive the title by mail.

To get started, we went to the Salvage Vehicle Forms website on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website, which is in the Forms section.

Once inside we will find, “Application for non-repairable vehicle title or salvage vehicle title” now we will download a pdf or a word depending on the computer we have and the applications we have. If it doesn't let us open it, we download the Adobe Acrobat Reader application or the Microsoft Word application, the former is free and more comfortable in most cases.

Then we print the form that appears on the web, since not everyone has a printer at home, we can go to a library or photocopy shop and they will do it for us for free or for a minimum price.

When we have the paper in hand we fill it with our information.

When we fill everything out, we'll find eight dollars and go to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Finally, make a copy of your documents. The summary of the documents that we will have to bring can be found in the “Application for non-repairable vehicle title or salvage vehicle title” section of the department's website. The documents we will need are the marketable title and an odometer disclosure statement (we will need this if our car is over 10 years old). And send everything to the address that appears on the web.

If you have any questions, please call the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. You can find contact and phone numbers on the Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Before selling our car as second-hand we will have to take into account several things: we have to know that the cars that are sold in this way will always be much cheaper than selling them new or without problems. We should also know that these cars are not usually bought to drive them, but to fix them or simply to use the parts that are inside. There are also places like junkyards in Texas where you can sell your car in exchange for an amount of money, which each assesses if it is good or not, and the process will always be easier. Since they are big companies that help you. After knowing all this we must evaluate our decision.

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