What are The Most Valuable Car Parts To Sell?

Most Expensive Car Parts

We are going to change a part of our car, and we want to sell it to a salvage yard or to some individual, we want to know how much money they will give us for that part. That is why in this article we will see some of the most valued parts that you can sell from your vehicle. Of course, only sell them if you have a spare one, since if we remove certain parts from our auto, we could have a serious accident.

One of the most valued parts on the market right now are the injectors, which if they are in poor condition are useless, but if you have new or little-used injectors, you can sell them at a good price. Since it is a part that is constantly being changed in autos, that is, it is in high demand and the truth is that the price of the injectors is not particularly low.

The next piece is the turbo, it is a supercharging system that uses a centrifugal turbine to drive a compressor wheel through a shaft with it to compress gases. This piece is one of the most expensive that our car has, and can cost from $500 to about $3000, this depending on the model, brand or materials it has.

The engine block, is another of the most valued parts of a car, they are a set of iron or aluminum parts where the cylinders of an engine are located. This part usually breaks due to fuels that are contaminated or by using fuels of a low grade, that is, of poor quality. This causes high temperatures to be caused, and because they do not cool properly there is a jam or failure in the cooling system. This simple but large piece usually costs around $15,000, and to this you must add the work of a mechanic, since anyone does not have enough capacity to change it without the help of a professional.

Another of the most expensive parts is the clutch, a part that by the way breaks very easily. The clutch is the system by which the mechanical energy that the driver sends is transmitted or cut off. It is one of the parts that is not easy to change, so you will need a mechanic to change the part. This part breaks due to misuse, many people with a car license do not use the clutch and gearbox well and this causes early deterioration of this part. The price ranges between $300 and $500.

And finally, another piece that is in high demand and that is linked to the previous one is the gearbox. Due to misuse of this part, it deteriorates and causes failures in the car. The gearbox is an essential part to be able to drive a manual car, but if we do not use the gearbox well or go up from first to fifth gear constantly, we will break this part, whose price varies between $900 and there may be $1500.

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