4 false myths about buying junk car parts from a Salvage Yard

Junkyard Myths

Perhaps you are thinking of buying or selling a junk car, a motorcycle, or even a truck, and one of your options is to do it in a junkyard. But this scrapping creates a lot of doubts for people, since there are many myths about them. That is why now I am going to present you 4 myths about salvage yards that are not true, but many people think so.


In a salvage yard, we can find both used parts and whole intact cars. There has always been the belief that in a junkyard we will only find scrap metal and loose metal. But this is not the case, there are salvage yards that only admit whole cars that are in perfect condition, but it is not necessary to go to any special scrapyard, surely the nearest business has many relics, such as old parts and even classic cars in high demand that you will only have to make certain arrangements to be able to start them up.


The process of selling or buying a car in a salvage yard is one of the simplest procedures and requirements. Although there has always been a myth that scrapyards are disorganized and you will have to do a lot of paperwork to buy your car, it is not true. To buy or sell a scrap car you will only have to sign some papers indicating the change of owner.


Although in a junkyard, there may be certain things, objects or materials that are dangerous, scrapyards in general are not. The staff will provide you with certain things to ensure your safety, they can provide you with a helmet, gloves... For this reason, the scrapyard may have certain areas or certain hazardous materials, but most salvage yards, you can look for the parts you need safely .


A common myth that many people who do not have much idea about mechanics and cars think is that to send our cars to scrap they have to be in good condition. And this is false, the salvage yards will even buy individual parts, that is, you don't even need to take the car to the junkyard, only the parts that can be used. What's more, if you take your car, which has suffered an accident, they will only give you money for the parts that can still be used, and they are in charge of disassembling the parts.

If you had doubts about the scrapyards, and you believed that these myths were real, I hope I have solved any of the doubts you had, and I hope that you visit a scrapyard near you so that you can see that you can find certain relics, and that at a very good price. And if you are choosing to buy or sell something in the scrapyard, I recommend it, since they have good prices and on top of that they recycle parts.

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