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Harford County, Maryland

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Top Salvage Yards for Used Truck Parts near Bel Air, MD

The map under this paragraph offers the closest junk yards to Bel Air and its surrounding area. Click on the links below to check the complete contact info section.

  • 1
    1. Partsbyus

    199 west stiegel street building c-d, Manheim

    43.6 miles  open now

    The ideal technique to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on used parts suitable for your vehicle is to contact a junkyard and this is a great pick close to the Manheim area. The Partsbyus is open Monday to Saturday.Additionally, you can check 3 opinions in order to know more about this business.

  • 2
    2. Buzzy Shamer Towing & Used Car Parts

    2943 Patapsco Rd, Finksburg

    28.9 miles 

    Inhabitants of the Finksburg zone can buy a gargantuan stock of junk spare-parts compatible with their autos in this salvage yard. It is possible to reach them via: phone or email. They are open from Monday to Friday.This business has been voted 1 times by our visitors.

  • 3
    3. Silverback Services

    800 W Maple Street, Red Lion

    28.5 miles 

    It's easy to economize large amounts of money on the conservation of your beloved vehicle by buying used spare-parts with guarantee in this well-known in Red Lion vicinity junk yard. Additional information: The Silverback Services is open Monday to Saturday.This salvage yard has been rated 1 times by our users.

  • 4
    4. Lucky's used auto parts

    3195 Jefferson rd, Glenville

    31.4 miles  open now

    This salvage yard aims to deliver a very specialized and competent assistance at lower prices, with an immense diversity of inventory but without giving up the guarantees requested by its clients. Visitors can reach this salvage yard in the municipality of Glenville (Pennsylvania). They work from Monday to Sunday.Other visitors have left 1 thoughts about this junk yard.

  • 5

    150 EAST DEKALB PIKE, King of Prussia

    64.3 miles  open now

    Habitants of the King of Prussia neighborhood have the opportunity to check a wide inventory of junk parts suitable for their vehicles in this junkyard. You can get in touch with them via: email, phone and tollfree. They work from Monday to Saturday.This salvage yard has been voted 1 times by our users.

  • 6
    6. TOP DOLLAR PAID Damage Non Running Cars Trucks

    1689 West Street, Annapolis

    39.6 miles 

    Interested users can talk with the welcoming owners of this salvage yard by this way: phone. In case you want to acquire high quality auto parts in the town of Annapolis (Maryland), they are an incredible pick. The TOP DOLLAR PAID Damage Non Running Cars Trucks is open Monday to Friday.

  • 7
    7. White Oak Salvage

    2159 White Oak Rd, Dover, DE, Dover

    51.5 miles 

    This salvage yard aims to provide a very specialized and skilled assistance at good prices, with a huge breadth of inventory and with the guarantees expected by its buyers. You can meet this junkyard in the town of Dover (Delaware). More information: The White Oak Salvage is open Monday to Sunday.

  • 8

    508 Water St, New Cumberland

    55.9 miles 

    Interested users have the opportunity to visit the welcoming managers of this wrecking yard by these methods: email and phone. In order to buy the best quality vehicle spares in the municipality of New Cumberland (Pennsylvania), they are an inescapable choice. They work from Monday to Friday.

  • 9
    9. City Line Truck and Auto Salvage


    21.5 miles 

    This salvage yard aims to offer a very efficient service at lower prices, with a large depht of inventory but without giving up the warranties expected by its buyers. Users can find this junk yard near the town of Baltimore (Maryland).

  • 10
    10. My Auto Store

    1466 Ferry Ave., Camden

    71.5 miles 

    Habitants of the Camden vicinity have the possibility to purchase a wide stock of junk spare-parts for their cars in this junkyard. You can contact them using: email and phone. The My Auto Store is open Monday to Saturday.

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Hear the story of the used truck piece

Before getting a second hand part in Bel Air, MD compatible with your truck, it's advisable to know in detail the history of that piece you intend to obtain, both the kilometers traveled and its age.
Additionally, it's fundamental that you ask the distributor if this spare sells it as second-hand, repaired or rebuilt.
The essential issue is not to finish placing in the truck a component that will break after driving a few miles!

Test the safety of the second hand spare you have obtained in Bel Air, MD

There are parts of your truck that are trully fundamental in affecting the safety of others. If it is one of these spare parts, it's a better idea to buy it directly from an accredited dealer .
However, there are some that influence to a lesser extent the security of the auto, in that case it is feasible to resort to a junkyard, even so it's always better to ask to be sure of what it does.

When to get new spares near Bel Air, MD?

As mentioned previously, it's feasible that the buyout of an OEM component is cheaper than the obtainment of an analogous used piece. Now, it's relevant to know that many times we get factory parts that are of lower quality even than used parts, everything depends on the manufacturer. It is basic to check this issue before investing our money, so it is usually advisable to investigate.
There exist more cases in which it's more wise to acquire an OEM spare part as a substitute of used, for example when it comes to air or oil filters, or other components such as: brake pads, engine belts, light bulbs, airbags...
Note that there exist prohibitive laws in various counties on the sale of certain junk spare parts, such as catalytic converters, so you must read them carefully before acquiring.

Receive corroboration

Something imperative to acquire the best second hand part for your truck near Bel Air, MD and don't be disapointed after a few weeks is to be totally sure of having obtained the right spare for your truck model. It is imperative to check the serial number of the piece at least a couple of times before completing the purchase and see that it matches the truck's VIN. With this easy task you can save yourself the problem of wasting your dollars on an inadequate part.

Feel free to ask!

A lot of junk yards specialized in trucks in Bel Air, MD are qualified enough to test the used parts they distribute, but not all of them offer so much attention to detail. If you are thinking of buying second hand pieces for your truck in a good wrecking yard, we recommend that you don't be ashamed to make the correct questions: how they choose the parts and how they prepare them for sale. With this you will have the information you need to know if it's a decent distributor that you can buy avoiding troubles and with good guarantees.

Purchase additional vehicle spares near Bel Air

Choose below this paragraph a category to look for additional second-hand vehicle spares in the state of Bel Air. Although we have no economic relationship with these salvage yards, our directory has been improving over the years and we are satisfied to offer the most accurate contact info.

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