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Top Junk Yards close to Monroe County for Used Truck Parts

Here you have the closest junk yards for Truck parts to Monroe located on the map. Tap on the items below to access the center page to see the full contact information.

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  • 1

    857 Hannibal Street, Fulton

    77.3 miles 

    The ideal method to save large amounts of money on used pieces suitable for your automobile is by visiting a salvage yard and this is a great pick near the Fulton location. Additional info: They're open Monday to Friday.In addition, you may check 4 opinions in order to know more about this business.

  • 2
    2. Bliss Auto Salvage

    4183 Route 39, Bliss

    46.1 miles 

    Are you the owner of an old car or are you trying hard to locate second hand pieces for your automobile? This directory advise you to approach this salvage yard, since it delivers an extensive inventory. They work from Monday to Saturday.Other users have shared 2 opinions about this junk yard.

  • 3
    3. Demo's Truck Parts, Inc.

    7427 Clinton Street Rd, Bergen

    9 miles 

    It's easy to avoid wasting a lot of money on the maintenance of your dear car by acquiring junk spares with guarantee in this leading in Bergen neighborhood junk yard. They are open from Monday to Friday.

  • 4
    4. Dumbleton Used Auto Parts Inc.

    7223 Morrow Roads, Pavilion

    23.6 miles 

    The best approach to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on spare parts for your car is by visiting a junkyard and this is a superb option close to the Pavilion zone. More information: They work from Monday to Saturday.

  • 5
    5. Casey's Truck Salvage World, Inc.

    5651 Transit Rd, Depew

    43.6 miles 

    Buyers have the opportunity to visit this wrecking yard close to the proximity of the city of Depew (New York). Its major business model is the distribution of auto spares at the most reasonable prices in the surroundings but without giving up all the warranties that you may request. In case you want to contact them, you can achieve this by these means: email, phone or tollfree.

  • 6
    6. 2060 Auto Parts, Inc.

    2060 William St, Buffalo

    51.3 miles 

    If you are in the search for the best junk spares in the Buffalo zone, this junkyard could be a good option to obtain them at a low price. You have the opportunity to contact them using: email, tollfree or phone. They're open from Monday to Saturday.

  • 7
    7. Lomoca Inc

    115 Emerson Road, North York

    83.4 miles 

    Habitants of the North York neighborhood have the possibility to obtain a large supply of junk spare-parts compatible with their cars in this wrecking yard. You can get in touch with them via: email, tollfree or phone. The Lomoca Inc is open Monday to Saturday.Other visitors have shared 1 thoughts about this junk yard.

  • 8
    8. Route 20 Auto Parts, Inc.

    10216 Southwestern Blvd., Angola

    67.8 miles 

    This junkyard wich operates near the municipality of Angola (New York), offers an highly qualified service to its purchasers, offering surprising offers but without giving up the highest excellency and a huge variety of supply. More information: They are open Monday to Saturday.In addition, you can check 1 thoughts in order to know more about this business.

  • 9
    9. Langille's Truck Parts

    124 Reach Industrial Park Rd, Port Perry

    79.6 miles 

    Buyers have the possibility to locate the helpful managers of this salvage yard by these methods: phone and email. In order to purchase high quality auto pieces in the city of Port Perry (Ontario), they are an incredible choice. They work from Monday to Friday.

  • 10
    10. Scrap Vehicles GTA

    6809 Invader Crescent Unit 9, Mississauga

    90 miles  open now

    Purchasers have the opportunity to visit the welcoming owners of this business by this way: email or phone. In case you want to get the best quality vehicle pieces in the town of Mississauga (Ontario), they are an ineludible option. They're open from Monday to Saturday.

Used Truck Parts in Monroe County by Main City

The list that you can check under these lines provides you the most visited junk yards specialized in trucks or vans in our repository. Keep in mind that the information that we offer below is completely free of charge. We do not have any commercial relationship with the businesses that appear in our listings.


Check the story of the junk truck spare

Before buying a second hand spare near Monroe County (NY) compatible with your truck, it's a good idea to know in detail the history of that part you want to acquire, both the kilometers traveled and its age.
Also, it's important that you ask the junkyard if this piece is sold as used, repaired or rebuilt.
The fundamental thing is not to finish placing in the truck a spare that could stop working after travelling a few miles!

Test the safety of the junk spare part you've bought in Monroe County (NY)

There are spares of your beloved truck that are especially fundamental in affecting the safety of others. If it is one of these parts, it's a better idea to purchase it directly from an accredited center .
On the other hand, there are others that affect to a lesser extent the safety of the auto, in that case it's feasible to resort to a junkyard, even so it is always better to ask to be sure of what is its function.

When to get brand new spares in Monroe County (NY)?

As mentioned before, it's feasible that the acquisition of a new spare part is more low-priced than the purchase of an identical used piece. Now, it's important to be aware that some times we find factory spares that are of lower quality even than second-hand spares, everything depends on the maker. It is imperative to check this detail before investing our money, so it is frequently desirable to investigate.
There are other cases in which it is more rational to buy a brand-new part instead of second hand, for example when it comes to basic vehicle filters, or other components such as: brake disks, fuses, seat belts, airbags...
Note that there exist prohibitive regulations in various counties applied to the distribution of some used spare parts, such as catalytic converters, so you must review them before buying.

Get confirmation

Something essential to purchase the right second hand spare parts for your truck near Monroe County (NY) and not regret after some time is to be 100% sure of having bought the right part for your truck model. It's basic to review the SN of the spare part at least a couple of times before making the investment and see that it matches the truck's VIN. With this easy check you can avoid yourself the problem of spending your money on an inadequate spare.

Feel free to ask!

Many wrecking yards for trucks in Monroe County (NY) are competent enough to test the used spare parts they provide, but not all of them deliver so much attention to detail. In case you're aimed to buying junk pieces for your truck in a trustworthy salvage yard, we suggest you to don't forget to make the essential questions: how they select the spares and how they arrange them for sale. With this you'll have the info you need to be sure if it's a respectable retailer that you can acquire parts avoiding troubles and with good guarantees.

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