Used Auto Parts Stores in Mississauga

Here's a roundup of nearby used auto parts stores around Mississauga, ON. You'll snag their digits, hours, addresses, plus the latest reviews. If you're scoring affordable used auto parts, these joints have just what you need!

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    1. Mississauga Auto Wreckers Ltd

    1837 Romani Ct, Mississauga, ON L5T 1H7

    4/5 - 1 reviews 

    car repair 

    For all your car repair and maintenance needs, look no further than this reliable and experienced service. With skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, they ensure quick and efficient repairs. From routine maintenance to complex engine work, they have you covered. Trust them to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

          Neil R. Google Review

    "Knowledgeable, straightforward, helpful, and reasonable."

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    2. CIPCO | OEM Automotive

    151 Amber St. Unit 6, 7 & 8, Markham, ON L3R3B3

    RECOMMENDED  5/5 - 1 reviews 

    used auto parts 

    Looking for reliable and cheap used auto parts? This store has a wide selection of parts in great condition, ensuring you find what you need for your vehicle. Customers love the friendly service and the ease of finding the right part for their car. Check them out for all your used auto part needs.

          Shawn A. SalvageParts Review

    Excellent business

    "They have an awesome parts inventory. I purchased several parts with them and the experience was very good and friendly. I always recommend them."

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    3. Carcone’s Auto Recycling

    1030 Bloomington Rd, Aurora, ON L4G 0L7

    5/5 - 4 reviews 

    used auto parts self service shipping available 

    This is one of the best junkyards in Aurora and delivers a wide catalog of parts for your vehicle. Don't hesitate to visit them and ask their professional employees. Contact them by: tollfree, email and phone. This company has been voted 4 times by our visitors.

          Rod M. Google Review

    "I needed a subframe for my brother in law's Mini. Mike said he had one but it was on the car. Since it was Friday he thought that I could get it Monday. Friday pm he called to say it was out of..."

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    4. Hollywood North Auto Parts Inc.

    842 Eastern Ave, Toronto, ON M4L 1A1

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts self service 

    Find yourself in need of self-serve, used auto parts? Look no further than this business! While they may not always have specific parts in stock, they are more than willing to order what you need at a reasonable price and with a quick turnaround time. Professional and helpful service is guaranteed.

          Sacha W. Google Review

    "i can't stress my words enough. This is by far the best scrap parts business in the city. The workers are very professional and kind. They really put there customers well being first which..."

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    5. Logel’s Auto Parts

    116 Bridge St E, Kitchener, ON N2K 1J6

    41.4 miles  5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts store self service 

    Trying to find top used auto parts in good condition in a self-serve environment? Take a look at this business! With a personal touch and attentive service, you'll have an easy and smooth experience getting the car parts you need. The knowledgeable staff are ready to assist with finding the right parts for your vehicle.

          Drew Google Review

    "Honestly 10/10. The rep Brandon, right from the start of the call was very polite on the phone, and he knew exactly what car parts i was talking about. Very knowledgeable and attentive to details..."

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    6. Mclean's Auto Wreckers

    12584, Fourth Line Nassagaweya, Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto, truck & classic car parts 

    If you are in the market for used car parts from the late 1950s to 1980s, check out this family-owned junkyard in Ontario. This salvage yard offers a wide selection of vintage cars and trucks, perfect for those looking to restore classic vehicles. Just be aware that some of the older vehicles may be difficult to access due to being buried in trees and bushes.

          Miles B. Google Review

    "Beautiful property with a very wide assortment of vintage wrecks and even some pretty rare stuff in the mix. Great place for trim pieces, body panels, etc, definitely a good place to look if you're..."

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    7. Kenny U Pull Used Auto Parts u2013 Hamilton

    75 Windermere Rd, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Y2

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts store self service 

    This self-serve used auto parts store offers a extensive variety of parts for various vehicle makes and models. Customers can easily locate and remove the required parts from the inventory themselves. With helpful staff members available for assistance, finding the right part for a 1986 Chrysler Lebaron or any other vehicle is made simple at this establishment.

          Azhar U. SalvageParts Review

    All Four Injectors of Acura 2004 Model TSX Base, Standard Car.

    "V. I.N. JH4CL95814C802986 Required immediately, if available please. my cell# 226-507-8835."

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    8. Pic N Save Self Serve Auto Parts

    404 Fruitland Rd, Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5L9

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts self service 

    This salvage yard aims to deliver a very capable assistance at good prices, with an extensive diversity of inventory and with the guarantees requested by its buyers. Users have the opportunity to locate this company near the town of Stoney Creek (Ontario). This business operational hours info is not available, however, you have the option to check its website.Other users have shared 3 opinions about this business.

          Matthew N. Google Review

    "Have been going to here for years with my buddies for parts for my aging Toyota and Lexus and their cars as well. The yard is clean well-organized, the cars are lifted up so it is easy to..."

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    9. Kenny U-Pull Hamilton

    721 Mud St E, Hamilton, ON L8J 3B8

    5/5 - 3 reviews  open now

    used auto parts self service 

    This self-serve salvage yard is a junkyard and a go-to location for used parts. The clean, organized environment and friendly staff make it one of the best pick and pull scrapyards around. Leanne and the team are always ready to assist customers, offering great service and economic prices.

          James T. Google Review

    "Great staff, they always got a joke or 2 lined up for some good banter. Last week I came in at the last 30 minutes to grab a front bumper and they where super kind and let me take a extra minute..."

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    10. Cambridge Auto Parts & Wreckers

    2155 Main Street East, Cambridge, ON N1R 5W6

    33.8 miles  5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts self service 

    Featuring a vast selection of quality used auto parts, this self-serve yard provides a convenient and economical solution for vehicle repairs. Located in Oshawa, it offers a well-organized inventory with many newer vehicles and various part options. Customers appreciate the professional and helpful service, making it their go-to choice in the area.

          Connor E. Google Review

    "Went to find a simple window switch for my car, I’m from out of town (oshawa) so I just went on google to find the nearest Auto Wrecker Yard that is a ‘U-PULL’. I was blown away by..."

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Are they open on weekends?


Some of them, so check their operating hours.

Can I pay with a credit card?


Many salvage yards and used auto parts stores accept credit cards as a payment method. In case of some self-service junkyards, may accept credit cards for entrance fees or additional services, but many primarily deal in cash transactions. The nature of self-service yards, where customers pull their own parts, often involves a simpler and more straightforward payment process, and cash is commonly preferred.

What types of car parts can I find?


They typically have a wide range of parts, including engines, transmissions, body panels, interior components, and more.

Do they offer warranties?


Some provide limited warranties on certain parts. Inquire about their specific policies.

Can I return a part if it doesn't fit or work?


In case of junkyards, some have strict no-return policies, especially for self-service yards where customers pull their own parts. On the other hand, many salvage yards and used auto parts stores may offer more lenient return policies. However, it's essential to inquire about and understand the specific terms and conditions before making a purchase.

How realiable are the parts they sell?


These come from pre-owned automotive components sourced from vehicles that have been retired, damaged, or otherwise no longer in use. Quality and reliability can vary depending on the source and the inspection processes carried out by the salvage yard, junkyard, or seller.

  • Junkyard parts come from vehicles found in a junkyard, a place where decommissioned, wrecked, or older vehicles are stored, and parts are available for salvage. These are cheaper but less carefully inspected or tested compared to other options.
  • Salvage parts are components salvaged from vehicles that have been deemed a total loss by insurance companies due to accidents, damage, or other reasons. These are usually inspected and, if deemed usable, are removed and made available for resale. Salvage yards may have stricter guidelines for assessing the condition of these parts compared to typical junkyards.

While can be a cost-effective solution, especially for older or less common vehicles, it's essential to approach the purchase with caution.

Do they sell used tires and wheels?


Yes, you can often find used tires and wheels in good condition.

Can I negotiate prices of used parts?


Is possible at some junkyards, particularly if you're purchasing multiple parts.

How can I ensure a part will fit my vehicle?


Bring your vehicle's make, model, year, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to verify compatibility.

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