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If you are looking for inexpensive, second hand or practically brand new car parts for yor beautiful car close to the county of Berrien, you have come the best place. Navigate through this directory and you'll locate a vast diversity of auto parts and second-hand vehicles in all junk yards existent in the U.S. But you will be able not only to find not only cars, but also motorcycles and vans in our huge repository.

You can navigate through the listings and clickable maps under these lines and find the business providing the parts you need!

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Top Junk Yards in Berrien County for Used Auto Parts

The map below this text gathers all the junk yards for car parts close to Berrien. Feel free to open the links below to access the complete contact information page. In case you don't find what you are looking for on the map or prefer another way to view the info, you can review our listings.

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  • 1
    1. Earl's Towing & Salvage


    4/5 - 2 reviews 

    Buyers have the opportunity to locate this business near the vicinity of the city of Niles (Michigan). Its major business area is the marketing of auto spares at the lowest prices in the surroundings and providing all the guarantees that you could wish. In case you need to contact them, you can achieve it this way: email, tollfree or phone. In addition, you may check 2 reviews left by our visitors.

          Rex C.

    1999 chevy tracker

    I am looking for a front diff for a 99 chevy tracker 2.0 with auto trans.

          Kevin D.

    Best deal in area

    Earl is a hard worker and an honest man. He will give you a fair price every time. The best in the state.

  • 2
    2. A-1 Auto Salvage Co.

    4478 Red Arrow Hwy, Benton Harbor

    The salvage yard you are looking here is located near Benton Harbor (Michigan) and it's distributing top quality vehicle spares to its possible purchasers close to the proximity. In case you are aimed to demand a valuation for your junk automobile or request for a particular used spare-part, feel free to contact them via phone.

  • 3
    3. August Pohl Auto Wreckers

    2670 Territorial Rd, Benton Harbor

    Are you the owner of an old vehicle or are you trying hard to locate used parts for your auto? This site recommend a visit to this business, since it delivers an immense stock. Additional info: They are open from Monday to Friday.

  • 4
    4. August Pohl Auto Wreckers

    2670 Territorial Rd Benton Twp, Saint Joseph

    Do you have sleeping in the garage an aged car or are you trying hard to locate second hand pieces compatible with your automobile? We suggest to approach this business, since it has a gargantuan catalog. They work from Monday to Friday.

  • 5
    5. L H Automotive Recycling

    2267 Reum Rd, Niles

    Visitors can visit this salvage yard near the proximity of the municipality of Niles (Michigan). Its primary business model is the distribution of vehicle parts at the most reasonable prices in the state and providing all the guarantees that you may expect. If you need to contact them, you can achieve it by these means: phone.

  • 6
    6. August Pohl Auto Parts

    Benton Harbor

    In case you are in the search for the best second hand parts near the Benton Harbor surroundings, this junkyard is a suitable choice to obtain them at a low price. You have the possibility to contact them via: phone, email and tollfree.

  • 7
    7. Burns Auto Supply

    Eau Claire

    You can save large amounts of money on the repairs of your loved car by buying junk spare-parts with warranty in this leading in Eau Claire neighborhood junkyard.

  • 8
    8. Coloma Auto Wreckers


    Purchasers have the possibility to contact the welcoming managers of this junkyard by this way: email, tollfree and phone. In order to buy the best quality auto spares in the city of Coloma (Michigan), they are an inescapable option.

  • 9
    9. L H Enterprise


    Buyers have the possibility to reach the friendly managers of this junk yard using these means: phone, tollfree or email. In order to acquire high quality vehicle parts in the city of Niles (Michigan), they are an inescapable pick.

  • 10
    10. Randy's Recycling LLC.

    Eau Claire

    Inhabitants of the Eau Claire zone can check an extensive supply of junk parts suitable for their cars in this junk yard. It is possible to contact them using: tollfree, phone and email.

Used Car Parts in Berrien County by City

You can find below the most known junk yards for car parts in Berrien. The only thing you have to do is to click on the titles to reach a new section with all the cities in this county and their surrounding businesses. If you want to check the comprehensive list of counties of this state, you have a link to do so.


Advice on where to buy used parts near Berrien County (MI)

When you are looking for second-hand pieces in Berrien County (MI), we suggest you move to a trusted d whenever you can. There are lots of junk yards and recycling centers for all types of autos and motorbikes all over the United States, but not all meet the same standards or offer the same warranties. It is basic to be well prepared before buying.
A pointer that will help you to know if a dealer is trustworthy, is to check that it is well organized and has its spares accurately inventoried. As in other industries, experience is an aspect to keep in mind, so look at the providers who have been working with second-hand parts for more years. Generally, dealers with a solid notoriety in the industry commonly provide some type of warranty on the spares they sell.

Guarantee of used auto spares in Berrien County (MI)

It's very frequent that the junk pieces that you buy in a junk yard or recycling facility does not come with a guarantee. Nevertheless, that does not mean that there are no businesses that provide a good guarantee for the car second-hand spares they sell. We suggest you to try to locate a junk pieces supplier that includes at least a 3-month guarantee cycle, to have at least a minimum security that what you are purchasing is working properly.

Recommended junk car pieces to get in Berrien County (MI)

An issue that many overlook is that car distributors generally vary the aesthetics of their autos, but this also means that they put back into circulation spare parts from one season to another, even reusing the same piece in diverse models of auto or motorbike, as the case may be.
Keep in mind that the newer the second-hand parts you buy, the less accumulated wear they will have. From that point of view, it's much more intelligent to invest a little more money on second-hand pieces, since they will be more strong and will better resist the passing of years.

Make sure you are aware of the exact spare you need!

It is fundamental to learn all the specifics of the spare part you want before buying it. A basic information is the auto identification number, also known as VIN.
If it's a little spare, you can take it to the supplier when you go to buy the new one. This will help you check both and make sure you do not make a mistake in your purchase.
Be careful with duplicate pieces, as they are not original and tailored to your vehicle, so they are not safe at all. In general, duplicate parts are easy to detect, since they have a slightly different appearance and some mistakes, such as typography or logos.

Know junk pieces return policy in Berrien County (MI)

In case you purchase a second hand spare part in Berrien County (MI) and you find that it is not working as it should or fails after running a few miles, you are sure you'll want to return or exchange it.
It is essential to know the purchase preconditions and read the conditions of sale before buying this type of second-hand spares. If the distributor does not offer any kind of warranty, what we suggest from our team is to search another recycling center where to retrieve it.
Note that, in case you get a piece without warranty and it starts to fail in a few days, you will have to invest twice as much money to get the spare part back.

Locate additional vehicle pieces near Berrien

Choose below a category to look for more car or motorcycle spares in the county of Berrien. We would like you to find below all the information you need related to the junk yards near you in this county. Anyway, if you believe that the information is incorrect, we advise you to use our contact form.

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