Top 10 Junkyards in Idaho based on customer reviews

Discover excellence in vehicle junkyads in Idaho with our selection of the 10 best, backed by real experiences of those who have already trusted their services.

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    1. Pegasus Auto Recycling

    19028 N Pope Rd, Hayden, ID 83835

    5/5 - 4 reviews 

    salvage yard used auto parts junk car removal towing service 

    Seeking quality used parts? Take a look at this family-owned salvage yard. With an extensive knowledge of interchange parts and a friendly, accommodating staff, they will help you find exactly what you need at a reasonable cost. Their commitment to excellent customer service and economical prices make them a key location for auto recycling.

          Johnny O. Google Review

    "I will start with this….. if you are using anyone els for parts within 100 miles ( probably much further) your going backwards…..period ! Called Garwood 3 different times got 3 different..."more

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    2. Aces Auto Salvage

    1943 Osterloh Ave, Twin Falls, ID 83301

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    junkyard used auto parts self service junk car removal 

    Find a convenient self-serve junkyard offering a wide selection of used parts for all vehicle makes and models. With a friendly and helpful staff, this place makes it easy to find the right parts you need at economical prices. Get rid of your old car seamlessly by choosing their efficient removal service.

          Bill G. Google Review

    "They not only had proper door for MIL's car, but they took it off for us AND the price way better than pick a part across the road where I had to walk out to BFE to their cars, then found out..."more

  • 3
    3. Buy Rite Auto Salvage

    272 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    salvage yard used auto & classic car parts self service 

    This family-owned salvage yard is a treasure trove of used car parts, perfect for DIY auto repairs. With a self-serve policy, you can find the part you need at a fraction of the cost of buying new. The friendly owner has a passion for classic cars and offers fair prices, making it a key location for budget-friendly car repairs.

          N. R. Google Review

    "Del Roy, the guy that owns and runs this place is a really nice guy once you get to know him. He gives respect when it is given to him. He makes most of his money from scraping the vehicles that..."more

  • 4
    4. Buying Junk Cars

    1845 Osterloh Ave, Twin Falls, ID 83301

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    salvage yard used auto & classic car parts junk car removal towing service 

    Whether you're looking for a specific used part or need to junk your car, this junkyard has got you covered. With a wide selection of classic cars and various parts available, the helpful staff is ready to assist with all your automotive needs. Stop by and explore their extensive inventory today.

          Heidi B. Google Review

    "Well right now it's almost 7:00 p.m. at night December 23rd and it's dark this place is really dark but during the daytime if you come out and look we have a lot of classic cars that are worth..."more

  • 5
    5. Jacksons Buy Sell Trade Incorporated

    Ridgewood Dr, Kamiah, ID 83536

    4/5 - 4 reviews 

    salvage yard used auto, truck & classic car parts used motorcycle & atv parts self service towing service 

    If you are looking for the highest quality used spares near the Kamiah zone, this junkyard can be an excellent option to buy them at a great price. Feel free to contact them using: phone. The Jacksons Buy Sell Trade Incorporated schedule info is not available, despite this you can check its website.Other users have left 4 thoughts about this salvage yard.

          Patricia R. Google Review

    "The women who took our call on a Friday evening holiday weekend was very helpful and accommodating. My son's car was towed by the police and he was passing through Idaho by himself so he had no..."more

  • 6
    6. Idaho Equipment & Salvage

    1750 Osterloh Ave, Twin Falls, ID 83301

    4.5/5 - 4 reviews 

    junkyard used auto & truck parts self service 

    Browse a wide selection of self-serve used parts at this local salvage yard. With an impressive stock of vehicles, customers can easily find what they need at great prices. The helpful staff ensure a pleasant experience, whether you're searching for specific parts or looking to sell your car for a fair price.

          Daniel SalvageParts Review


    "I need a rear bumper for a 1983 chevy silverado half ton truck and also running boards for the silverado."more

  • 7
    7. Cash For Cars - Boise

    3716 N Middleton Rd Ste B, Nampa, ID 83651

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    auto wrecker used auto parts self service junk car removal 

    Come by and get rid of that old car taking up space in your garage. The self-serve option can save you money and the friendly on-site staff is always available for assistance. Quick and straightforward process, respectful customer service, and fair prices make it a smoothly experience.

          Jackson B. Google Review

    "Dibya did a great job getting my car purchased over the phone. I was told I would receive my check when the tow truck driver arrived to pick my car up, but unfortunately there was a..."more

  • 8
    8. Bonneville Auto Wrecking

    2997 N 15th E, Idaho Falls, ID 83401

    5/5 - 1 reviews 

    junkyard junk car removal 

    This junkyard provides a smoothly solution for disposing of unwanted vehicles. Whether it's a damaged car, old truck, or non-working van, they offer top dollar for all types of vehicles. With easy pickup services and competitive prices, this place is the go-to destination for selling old or unused cars.

          Nancy W. SalvageParts Review

    New Yorker Fifth Ave.

    "Hello; need to get rid of this car; She is so pretty; no cracks in windows; nice blue interior; all it needs is a transmission and fan belt, battery; How much would you pay? Nancy 208-493-0036."more

  • 9
    9. Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle

    6301 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83607

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    junkyard used auto parts self service 

    Visit our self-serve salvage yard for a wide selection of used parts at budget-friendly prices. Our junkyard offers an extensive inventory to help you find the part you need for your vehicle. With a $1 admission fee, you can explore our salvage yard and locate the parts you're looking for without breaking the bank. Whether you're in search of a specific car part or just browsing, our salvage yard has what you need.

          Steven W. Google Review

    "This place has almost any part you need for a low price, and admission to the yard is only $ 1.00. Same with the Nampa Jalopy Jungle. If you can't find what you need at one, your ad is sion price..."more

  • 10
    10. Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle

    520 E 47th St, Garden City, ID 83714

    3.3/5 - 3 reviews 

    junkyard used auto & truck parts self service 

    Visit the salvage yard for a wide selection of used parts for various cars. With its self-serve option, customers can easily browse and find the parts they need at economic prices. Whether it's for repairing or restoring your vehicle, this junkyard offers a convenient solution for car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics alike.

          N M. Google Review

    "Long story short. They made some mistakes in a sales quote and it was a bit of a hassle. In the end though they are making it right. The Manager Gerald (spelling may be off) is taking care of..."more

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FAQs about junkyards in Idaho

What legal requirements do I need to meet to sell my car to a junkyard in Idaho?


In order to sell your car to a junkyard in Idaho, you typically need to meet these legal requirements:

  1. Proof of Ownership: You must provide proof of ownership, which is usually your vehicle title. If you don't have the title, contact the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain a duplicate.
  2. Valid Identification: You'll need to show a valid government-issued photo ID, like a driver's license or passport.
  3. Complete a Bill of Sale: Some junkyards may ask you to complete a Bill of Sale, indicating the sale price and stating that you're selling the vehicle "as-is."
  4. Release of Liability: Submit a Release of Liability to the Idaho DMV to remove your liability for the vehicle once it's sold. You can do this online or by mailing the appropriate form.
  5. Smog Certificate: Depending on the age and location of your vehicle, you may need to provide a valid smog certificate. Junkyards often handle this if required.
  6. Remove License Plates: Before handing over your vehicle, remove the license plates. You can either transfer them to another vehicle or return them to the DMV.
  7. Payment: Ensure you receive payment for the vehicle. The payment method may vary, so discuss this with the junkyard beforehand.
  8. Cancellation of Insurance: Contact your auto insurance company to cancel coverage on the sold vehicle.

Please note that specific requirements can vary depending on the junkyard and the condition of your vehicle. Always check with the junkyard you plan to sell to and refer to the Idaho DMV for the most up-to-date information and forms.

Can I sell a junk car without a title in Idaho?


If you try to sell a car without a title, your choices might be more restricted than those of other sellers who have a readily available title.

  • If you are still in the process of paying off a car loan, the likelihood is that the bank or lienholder still possesses your car's title. You must reach out to your bank to get a payoff amount. It's important to ensure that your car's selling price can cover it.
  • If your car title is missing, lost, or stolen and you're wondering how to sell your car, you need to request a replacement title.
  • If your car is totaled, has a salvage title, has no title at all, or you have no way to obtain a valid title, car junkyards often buy cars without a title an pay you in cash. However, the lack of a title might lower your selling price.

Are there any junkyards in Idaho that pay more for cars than others?


Yes, some junkyards in Idaho may offer higher payouts for cars based on factors like your car's make, model, condition, and location. To find the best offer, it's advisable to contact multiple junkyards in your area and compare their quotes. Additionally, you can explore junk car buyers that specialize in certain vehicle makes or have a reputation for offering competitive prices.

What types of parts can be found?


They usually have a wide variety of used and damaged vehicle parts available for sale, including engines, transmissions, alternators, starters, radiators, fenders, doors, hoods, and trunks. Junkyards may also have used tires, batteries, and other vehicle accessories available for sale.

Can they ask me for an entry fee?


Some junkyards may require you to pay a small entrance or admission fee (usually a few bucks) in order to enter their facilities. With this money they can cover their administrative and maintenance costs and ensure that they receive customers who are truly interested in parts.

What is the difference between a junkyard and a salvage yard?


While the terms are often used interchangeably, a salvage yard may focus more on recycling and reselling parts.

How do I know if a junkyard is reputable?


Here are some tips on how to know if a junkyard is reputable:

  • Check online reviews. This is a good way to get an idea of what other customers have experienced with the junkyard. Look for reviews that mention the junkyard's prices, customer service, and the quality of the parts they sell.
  • Ask for recommendations. Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors to see if they have any recommendations for junkyards. You can also ask your local mechanic or auto body shop for recommendations.
  • Visit the junkyard in person. This will give you a chance to see the junkyard's facilities and meet the staff. Look for a junkyard that is clean and organized. The staff should be friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask the junkyard staff questions about their prices, the parts they have available, and their warranty policies. If the staff is hesitant to answer your questions or seems to be giving you vague answers, that's a red flag.
  • Be wary of junkyards that offer to pay you in cash. Reputable junkyards will typically pay you by check or money order. If a junkyard offers to pay you in cash, it could be a sign that they are not a legitimate business.