Classic Car Parts near Miami
Miami-Dade County, Florida

You can visit many businesses specialized in purchasing and selling classic car parts in the city of Miami and its surroundings. These providers are often named junk yards and many of them have a big variety of used parts for classic vehicles. Our directory offers the biggest repository of junk yards placed in this location and its nearby area. In order to purchase the spares you are looking for, you can review the listings under these lines, use our search system or navigate the clickable maps.

Top Salvage Yards for Classic Car Parts near Miami, FL

The map under this paragraph offers the junk yards with classic car parts close to Miami and its surrounding area. Check the links below to review the complete contact info page.

  • 1

    Delray Beach

    76.7 miles 

    Purchasers have the opportunity to find this junk yard close to the proximity of the municipality of Delray Beach (Florida). Its central business area is the sale of auto spares with the most reasonable prices in the area but without giving up all the warranties that you may request. If you want to get in touch with them, you can achieve it this way: tollfree, phone or email.

  • 2
    2. A & A Auto Salvage Inc

    3685 North U.S. 1, Fort Pierce

    183.7 miles  open now

    This business placed in the municipality of Fort Pierce (Florida), distributes a very specialized and qualified service to its clients, with tremendous discounts but without giving up the best quality and a wide depht of supply. More information: They work from Monday to Saturday.This salvage yard has been voted 2 times by previous visitors.

  • 3
    3. Dedicated Auto Services

    Fort Myers

    180.8 miles 

    Are you the owner of an old vehicle or are you trying hard to locate second-hand spare-parts for your automobile? This site suggest a visit to this salvage yard, since it owns a wide stock.

  • 4
    4. Classic Auto Salvage


    256.6 miles 

    Purchasers have the possibility to contact the helpful managers of this junk yard by this way: tollfree, phone and email. If you want to get high quality auto pieces in the city of Melbourne (Florida), they are an incredible choice.

  • 5
    5. 50 States Auto Parts

    4918 Cresthill Dr, Tampa

    323.5 miles  open now

    The salvage yard we display here is settled near Tampa (Florida) and it's distributing the best performance auto pieces to its eventual clients in the environs. In case you want to request a quote for your junk auto or request for a particular junk spare, feel free to contact them via phone or email.

  • 6
    6. Thunder Bay Customs


    281.3 miles 

    You can avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on the repairs of your well-liked automobile by getting used spare parts with guarantee in this leading in Sarasota vicinity wrecking yard.

  • 7
    7. Dennis' Chevy Truck Parts

    Pinellas Park

    330.8 miles 

    It's easy to economize large amounts of money on the reparation of your beloved automobile by obtaining used spare parts with warranty in this popular in Pinellas Park surroundings junk yard.

  • 8
    8. Rolling Rust Recycling


    343.3 miles 

    Inhabitants of the Apopka neighborhood have the opportunity to access an extensive supply of second-hand spare-parts compatible with their vehicles in this wrecking yard. It is possible to get in touch with them via: email, phone or tollfree.

  • 9

    Land O Lakes

    348.6 miles 

    The best approach to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on second hand pieces for your car is to contact a salvage yard and this is an outstanding option close to the Land O Lakes surroundings.

  • 10
    10. G & N used auto parts

    Land O Lakes

    348.6 miles 

    The junk yard we show here is located close to Land O Lakes (Florida) and it's offering incredible performance auto pieces to its possible buyers in the neighborhood. In case you are aimed to inquire an estimation for your used auto or plead for a specific second-hand spare, please get in touch with them using tollfree, email or phone.

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Ask for photographs!

In case you are going to make an online buy of parts for your classic auto, you may find websites with a lot or few images of the piece you are looking for. As you can imagine, if exist many images, way better. If it is an ad with fewer pictures or that don't make clear what you'll get, it is best to phone the provider to ask for additional images. If he agrees, certainly it's a confident dealer and you should do the purchase safely. In case he doesn't accept... maybe you should do business with another distributor.

Purchase the part now or bid?

In bargain web portals (like eBay) it is frequent to locate the possibility to bid for the spare part or simply perform the direct buy (Buy Now). The advantage of purchasing directly without bidding is that you won't have any possibility of losing it to other interested bidders. It additionally speeds up the buy time a bit, since it is not necessary to wait until the bidding time finishes. The bad part is that you usually pay a lot more than performing an offer. This is where it becomes crucial your capacity to assess the actual price of the product and which amount are you willing to spend on it. What we can suggest you is that, if the direct price price sounds legit, buy it and do not wait for the bidding to finalize.

Check shipping costs

It is frequent for shipping prices to change notably from one logistics company to another, also subject to the distance. You have to review these circumstances to guess if the cost of the shipment is fair or exaggerated. It may occur that the seller aims to camouflage part of the price of the item by including it in the shipping costs (this occurs a lot on eBay), you have to be very cautious with this. It can also happen on the contrary, that we have a free shipping price, but a product with a certain additional cost.

Check return policies

Before doing the acquisition, rigorously review the seller's return policies. If the vendor takes returns, you can buy more peacefully, since you can return the part if you're not convinced with it. Having said that, please be fair and don't take advantage of the return policies to prove a piece that really does not interest you.

Contact the junk yards!

Some owners believe that they won't find any used spare part of quality in their local wrecking yard for classic cars, but this is generally an error. It is quite simple to find good spare parts that can fit your auto, such as bumpers, mirrors, light bulbs... Now, you may have to put some work on your part to get what you want, but it sure makes up for it saving money If you do not want to waste any time, the wiser is to telephone the wrecking yards near your vicinity directly, since they commonly keep a history of the pieces they have in their store.

Find other auto spare parts near Miami

Choose below this paragraph a category to look for different second-hand auto spare-parts in the state of Miami. Although we have no commercial relationship with these salvage yards, our database has been updating over the years and we are proud to offer the most accurate contact info.

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