Used Auto Parts Stores in Saskatchewan

Check out this list of used auto parts stores near Saskatchewan. You'll find their phone numbers, hours, addresses, and recent reviews. In case you're hunting for affordable used auto parts for your vehicle, these spots have got you covered!

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    1. Truck Boneyard Inc

    Highway 364, Balgonie, SK S0G 0E0

    4.7/5 - 3 reviews 

    auto repair shop used auto & truck parts shipping available 

    Recognized as one of Balgonie's best junkyards, they deliver a wide selection of vehicle parts. Pay them a visit and consult their expert team without hesitation. Contact them via phoneOther customers have shared 3 thoughts about this company.

          Lonny L. Google Review

    "Always a pleasure dealing with these boys they're very helpful if they have the parts you'll have them in quick time and they're very friendly and accommodating great family business nice to see..."

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    2. Bucks Auto Parts Saskatoon

    Range Rd 3062, Vanscoy, SK S0L 3J0

    4.5/5 - 6 reviews 

    used auto parts self service 

    In case you're in the search for the finest junk spares near the Vanscoy zone, this salvage yard can be a suitable option to buy them at a great price. You have the opportunity to contact them using: phone. This junkyard operational hours information is not available yet.Additionally, you may read 6 opinions left by other users.

          Jenny T. Google Review

    "Kind of like a scavenger hunt for adults… looking for the treasures to rip off damaged vehicles ???? It would be helpful if they added signage when entering the parking lot on WHERE TO GO/park..."

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    3. Dale and Lisa’s Farm & Auto

    Farm, Mossbank, SK S0H 3G0

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts store used auto parts 

    Habitants of the Mossbank vicinity can access a large catalog of junk spare parts that can fit with their automobiles in this salvage yard. You can get in touch with them using: email or phone. This company has been rated 3 times by our users.

          Rhonda M. Google Review

    "I cant reccomend Dale and the crew highly enough. Their service was timely, on par with their quote ( a bit under!), and combined small town attention to detail with the highest level..."

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    4. Bucks Auto Parts Regina

    3081 Pasqua St N, Regina, SK S0G 5K0

    5/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts self service 

    The ideal way to save large amounts of money on spare parts suitable for your auto is by visiting this junkyard in the Regina location, this is an attractive option. This company operational hours information is not available but you have the possibility to check its web.Other visitors have shared 3 opinions about this business.

          Tyler M. Google Review

    "They raised their prices I think last year ended up paying 40 each for headlights and I thought that was a little high. They’re pretty good about returns too, save your receipt and make sure..."

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    5. Wreckless Auto Recycling

    1850 Inland Dr, Regina, SK S4R 1K4

    4.3/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts self service 

    This is one of the TOP junkyards in Regina and delivers a wide catalog of parts for your auto. Do not hesitate give them a visit and ask their professional employees. Contact them by: phone. Additionally, you may check 3 reviews left by our visitors.

          Tyson �. Google Review

    "It's a wrecker yard not much to say but parts are plenty, staff is good to deal with, prices beat new, and they are accessible. No sales rep giving you a long story about how the parts are backed..."

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    6. JS Truckmart Inc

    102 VIKING AVE, Estevan, SK S4A 2A6

    3.7/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto & truck parts shipping available 

    Purchasers have the possibility to visit this junkyard in the proximity of the city of Estevan (Saskatchewan). Its preeminent business area is the marketing of vehicle spares with the lowest prices in the state and with all the warranties that you may require. In case you need to get in touch with them, you can achieve it by these methods: phone. This salvage yard has been voted 3 times by our users.

          Michael H. Google Review

    "I recently had a great experience with JS Truck Mart Auto Parts store in Estevan, Saskatchewan. After my Ford F250 catalytic converter was sawed off, I was in need of a new one. I found JS Truck..."

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    7. All Parts Automotive

    SK-6, Regina, SK S4T 0T2

    4/5 - 4 reviews 

    used auto parts store used auto parts self service 

    The salvage yard we show here is located in Regina (Saskatchewan) and it's delivering the best performance vehicle spares to its potential customers close to the neighborhood. In case you need to request a quote for your junk automobile or request for a precise used piece, feel free to contact them via email or phone. In addition, you may check 4 opinions left by our visitors.

          Ali A. Google Review

    "Exceptional Service & Fair Pricing! Had Just The Parts I Needed. Recommend to anyone looking for good prices, and high quality parts. They had given me a choice for them to find and take out my..."

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    8. Best Buy Auto Parts Ltd

    824 Dewdney Ave, Regina, SK S4N 0G7

    2.3/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts self service shipping available 

    Do you have sleeping in the garage an used auto or are you immersed in the search of second hand pieces suitable for your automobile? This site recommend to approach this junkyard in Regina, since it delivers an extensive inventory. The Best Buy Auto Parts Ltd business hours info cannot be found but you can check their website.This salvage yard has been rated 3 times by previous visitors.

          Henry K. Google Review

    "They are 'the best'. They go out of their way to find you what you need. I've always been happy with the parts I get and the service they provide. They get back to you almost immediately if you..."

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    9. Steel Rose Auto Sales & Wrecking

    Unnamed Road, Hepburn, SK S0K 1Z0

    3.7/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts 

    This salvage yard aims to deliver an highly capable service at great prices, gathering an immense diversity of inventory but without giving up the guarantees requested by its clients. Visitors can find this salvage yard near the city of Hepburn (Saskatchewan). Additional info: The Steel Rose Auto Sales & Wrecking business hours info is not available, despite this you can visit its website.Other visitors have shared 3 reviews about this salvage yard.

          Tysan J. Google Review

    "I dealt with Matt and Taylor about a week ago. It was Friday at 5:20 and they closed at 6. They were very pleasant, and quick to remove the part I needed. Both were straight forward guys, and..."

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    10. Albert North Auto & Agro Supply Ltd

    570 McIntyre St, Regina, SK S4R 2M5

    3.3/5 - 3 reviews 

    used auto parts shipping available 

    Stablished as one of Regina's top junkyards, they provide a diverse catalog of car parts. Pay them a visit and consult their expert team without hesitation. Contact them via phoneThis salvage yard has been rated 3 times by previous users.

          Kitara S. Google Review

    "I was just in looking at door latches, and was given amazing advice. The driver side wouldn't latch and it was recommend to thaw the car in a garage as door latches are susceptible to freezing..."

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Can I pay with a credit card?


Many salvage yards and used auto parts stores accept credit cards as a payment method. In case of some self-service junkyards, may accept credit cards for entrance fees or additional services, but many primarily deal in cash transactions. The nature of self-service yards, where customers pull their own parts, often involves a simpler and more straightforward payment process, and cash is commonly preferred.

Are they open on weekends?


Some of them, so check their operating hours.

Can I pull parts from vehicles myself at a junkyard?


In many cases, yes, you can pull parts from vehicles yourself at a junkyard. This process is commonly known as "self-service" or "you-pull-it" yards.

Before entering, you typically sign in and may pay an entrance fee or for a container to carry parts. It's crucial to follow safety guidelines, use proper techniques, and be aware of environmental regulations. After removing the parts, you bring them to a payment area, where fees are often based on the type of part.

Do they offer warranties?


Some provide limited warranties on certain parts. Inquire about their specific policies.

Can I return a part if it doesn't fit or work?


In case of junkyards, some have strict no-return policies, especially for self-service yards where customers pull their own parts. On the other hand, many salvage yards and used auto parts stores may offer more lenient return policies. However, it's essential to inquire about and understand the specific terms and conditions before making a purchase.

How long does it take to pull a part at a self-service junkyard?


The time it takes to pull a part depends on the complexity of the task and your experience. Simple and easily accessible parts may take just 15-30 minutes, while more complex components or those located in challenging areas of a vehicle could take an hour or more.

What is the average price of used car parts?


Prices can vary widely but typically range from $20 to several hundred dollars, depending on the part's type and condition.

Are there any environmental benefits to using recycled car parts?


Using recycled car parts offers environmental benefits by conserving natural resources, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing landfill waste. The process involves reusing components from salvaged vehicles, extending product life and promoting a circular economy. Recycling lowers the demand for new raw materials, curbing resource-intensive extraction and manufacturing processes, which, in turn, decreases greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of new parts.