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Drivers of trucks and vans know that the most optimal solution to perform maintenance without investing too much money is to use junk parts in the most recommended businesses. In the county of Berrien it's easy to locate 1 junk yards focused on this type of vehicles. Keep browsing to obtain all the contact info you want!

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Top Junk Yards in and around Berrien County for Used Truck Parts

Locate here all salvage yards for Truck parts close to Berrien placed on the map. Click on the links under this paragraph to review the full information sheet.

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  • 1
    1. Earl's Towing & Salvage


    4/5 - 2 reviews 

    Buyers have the opportunity to locate this business near the vicinity of the city of Niles (Michigan). Its major business area is the marketing of auto spares at the lowest prices in the surroundings and providing all the guarantees that you could wish. In case you need to contact them, you can achieve it this way: email, tollfree or phone. In addition, you may check 2 reviews left by our visitors.

          Rex C.

    1999 chevy tracker

    I am looking for a front diff for a 99 chevy tracker 2.0 with auto trans.

          Kevin D.

    Best deal in area

    Earl is a hard worker and an honest man. He will give you a fair price every time. The best in the state.

  • 2

    105 Industrial Road, Hammond

    63.8 miles 

    They provide a very specialized and competent assistance at the best prices, gathering a broad depht of catalog but without giving up the warranties requested by its clients. You have the possibility to reach this junk yard in the town of Hammond (Indiana). The NORTHLAKE AUTO is open from Monday to Friday.In addition, you may check 2 reviews in order to know more about this business.

  • 3
    3. Acme Auto Parts

    Grinnell Rd. & I-57 (2016 E. 1000 N. Rd.), Kankakee

    100.8 miles 

    Are you the owner of a junk vehicle or are you looking for used spares suitable for your auto? We recommend a visit to this junk yard, since it delivers an enormous supply. The Acme Auto Parts is open Monday to Saturday.In addition, you may read 3 reviews left by our visitors.

  • 4
    4. Grand Valley Auto Parts

    9835 42nd ave, Jenison

    63.1 miles 

    This junk yard placed close to the surroundings of Jenison (Michigan), distributes a very efficient service to its clients, offering excellent offers but with the best quality and a substantial breadth of supply. They work from Monday to Friday.Other users have left 1 thoughts about this business.

  • 5
    5. Myers Auto Salvage

    2265 W Us Highway 6, Ligonier

    62.7 miles 

    This salvage yard aims to distribute a very capable service at the best prices, gathering a large variety of inventory but without giving up the guarantees requested by its purchasers. You have the opportunity to locate this wrecking yard near the municipality of Ligonier (Indiana). The Myers Auto Salvage is open Monday to Friday.

  • 6
    6. A N G Auto Glass Mobile, Inc.

    S. Francisco, Orland Park

    80.4 miles  open now

    In case you're in the search for the cheapest used spares in the Orland Park area, this business can be an ideal choice to get them at a great price. You have the opportunity to contact them via: phone or email. The A N G Auto Glass Mobile, Inc. is open Monday to Sunday.

  • 7
    7. Adelman's Truck Parts

    3051 E 106th st, Chicago

    66.6 miles 

    The finest approach to economize large amounts of money on used parts for your vehicle is by visiting a wrecking yard and this is a superb option close to the Chicago zone. More information: They work from Monday to Saturday.

  • 8
    8. Sprague Auto Parts

    81 S Getty St, Muskegon

    77.3 miles 

    Purchasers have the possibility to visit this junk yard in the vicinity of the city of Muskegon (Michigan). Its central business area is the marketing of vehicle pieces with the best prices in the surroundings and with all the guarantees that you could request. If you need to reach them, you can achieve this by these means: email, phone and tollfree.

  • 9
    9. Remington Auto Parts

    6111 W. U.S. Highway 24, Remington

    100.3 miles 

    The junkyard we show here is situated close to Remington (Indiana) and it's delivering the highest performance vehicle spares to its potential customers close to the area. If you need to inquire a valuation for your old automobile or request for a specific junk part, please get in touch with them via phone and email. This salvage yard has been voted 1 times by previous visitors.

  • 10
    10. Randy's Auto Salvage

    1641 S. Wolf Lake Rd, Muskegon

    77.3 miles 

    The business we show here is wich operates in Muskegon (Michigan) and it's delivering top value auto spares to its possible customers in the neighborhood. If you want to request an estimation for your junk automobile or ask for a particular junk piece, feel free to contact them via phone or email.

Used Truck Parts in Berrien County by Main City

Under these lines you will locate the TOP junk yards focused on Truck parts in Berrien. Keep checking the lists to access the municipalities of this county and the respective businesses that exist in them. Remember that you can also take profit from the map under this paragraph to optimize your searches.


Check the story of the used truck part

Before buying a second hand spare part in Berrien County (MI) that can fit your truck, it's advisable to check in detail the history of that piece you want to acquire, both the miles traveled and its age.
Also, it's fundamental that you ask the junkyard if this part is sold as second-hand, repaired or rebuilt.
The fundamental thing is not to finish placing in the truck a piece that will fail after travelling a few miles!

Test the security of the used part you've obtained in Berrien County (MI)

There are spare parts of your beloved truck that are absolutely fundamental in establishing the safety of others. If it is one of these spare parts, it is best to buy it straight from an authorized provider .
However, there are others that influence to a lesser extent the security of the car, in that case it's feasible to resort to a junk yard, even so it's always more intelligent to double check to be sure of what is its function.

When to purchase brand new spares near Berrien County (MI)?

As previously mentioned, it is possible that the buyout of an OEM spare part is cheaper than the purchase of a similar second-hand spare. Actually, it's crucial to be aware that some times we see factory components that are of worse quality even than second-hand spares, everything depends on the maker. It's important to check this detail before spending our money, so it's usually prudent to investigate.
There exist more cases in which it is more interesting to acquire an OEM piece rather of second-hand, for example when it comes to air or oil filters, or other parts such as: brake disks, fuses, light bulbs, airbags...
Please note that there exist prohibitive laws in various counties on the distribution of specific second hand spare parts, such as catalytic converters, so you should review them before buying.

Obtain corroboration

Something important to buy the right second-hand spare for your truck near Berrien County (MI) and not regret after a while is to be 100% sure of having purchased the right piece for your truck model. It is imperative to check the SN of the piece at least a couple of times before completing the acquisition and check that it matches the truck's VIN. With this simple check you can save yourself the trouble of wasting your money on an incompatible part.

Feel free to ask!

Many junk yards focused on trucks in Berrien County (MI) are qualified enough to review the used pieces they sell, but not all of them pay so much attention to detail. In case you're thinking of buying junk parts for your truck in a specialized salvage yard, we advise you to don't be ashamed to inquire the right questions: how they choose the parts and how they arrange them for sale. With this you will have the information you need to know if it is a respectable seller where you can purchase without troubles and with optimal guarantees.

Find more car pieces near Berrien

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