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    FAQs on motorbike junkyards in Hawaii

    Do they buy damaged motorcycles?


    Some of them purchase damaged or non-functioning bikes. They may buy them for parts or to salvage and resell.

    Can I find OEM or aftermarket motorcycle parts?


    Sure! Check out the selection above to find the best motorcycle parts stores near your location.

    Can I find parts for vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles?


    Yes, vintage Harley-Davidson parts are often available in specialized motorcycle parts stores like Pompano Pats Motorcycles.

    Are there any open on weekends?


    Yes, some are open on weekends. Always check their operating hours beforehand.

    What's the average price for used motorcycle parts?


    Prices for used motorcycle parts can vary widely based on the part's condition, rarity, and demand. On average, prices may range from a few dollars for small components to hundreds for major parts like engines.

    What types of motorcycle parts can I find?


    You can find a wide range, including engines, frames, wheels, exhaust systems, seats, and various other components.

    Do they sell used motorcycle tires?


    Yes, you can often find used motorcycle tires still in good condition. Contact them to check beforehand.