Hollywood Auto & Body Repair JunkYard
Newark, New Jersey

Hollywood Auto & Body Repair

You have the opportunity to visit this salvage yard in the vicinity of Newark (New Jersey). It offers scrap metal and car parts to its clients. If you want to inquire about any used parts, junk car vehicle quotes, sell or get an used car, you can get in touch with the dealer by using phone. The Hollywood Auto & Body Repair is open from Monday to Friday.

What they do: scrap metal car parts


USA, New Jersey, Essex, Newark


904 S Orange Ave # 906, Newark, NJ (Zipcode: 7106)


973 371-2110






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This section aims to deliver you a little more, apart from the contact info related to this junk yard. We try to show our visitors more search opportunities with the goal that you can find the best used spares as soon as possible. This listing is organized from nearest to furthest from this location.

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Buyers have the possibility to reach this junk yard close to the proximity of the municipality of Newark (New Jersey). Its main business area is the marketing of vehicle parts with the lowest prices in the vicinity and offering all the warranties that you could require. If you want to contact them, you can achieve it this way: tollfree, phone and email.

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They deliver an highly skilled assistance at very reasonable prices, gathering a large breadth of inventory and with the guarantees requested by its purchasers. You have the opportunity to reach this junkyard near the municipality of Newark (New Jersey). Additional info: The The Junk Car Company is open Monday to Saturday.


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The salvage yard we display here is wich operates close to Newark (New Jersey) and it's providing the greatest value vehicle pieces to its eventual buyers close to the vicinity. In case you are aimed to demand a quote for your old automobile or request for a particular used part, you can contact them via phone.