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Drivers have the opportunity of locating several salvage yards focused on parts for classic car along the county of Monroe. Our site is aimed to provide the most complete collection of salvage yards for classic auto spares and junk vehicles in this county. Find the most complete contact data related to these centers and get the parts you are looking for.

If you are contemplating disposing of your car to a salvage yard in Monroe County (NY), you have several options to choose from.

  1. Receive a decent offer immediately by calling 1-833-693-5944 or completing our simple online form. Our team will have the salvage yards compete for your vehicle, so you can receive the best dollar offer possible.
  2. To make the most of the profit of your automobile, take into account selling its individual components individually through a classified listing. By posting an advertisement, you can exploit your vehicle's full potential and attract buyers who are specifically interested in your used pieces.
  3. Browse at the list of auto salvage yards near you below and reach out them individually.
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Top Junk Yards close to Monroe County for Classic Car Parts

The map you see below provides all the salvage yards for classic parts in Monroe and its surrounding area. Check the links to review the contact information related to these centers. To expand your search you only have to increase the size of the map and drag  with the mouse pointer. You can also stay navigating the listings that you will find under these lines until you find what you need.

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  • 1
    1. Bliss Auto Salvage

    4183 Route 39, Bliss

    46.1 miles 

    Are you the owner of an old car or are you trying hard to locate second hand pieces for your automobile? This directory advise you to approach this salvage yard, since it delivers an extensive inventory. They work from Monday to Saturday.Other users have shared 2 opinions about this junk yard.

  • 2
    2. K&K Craft Worx.

    1 Ulster rd ulster pa, Ulster

    119.7 miles  open now

    The junk yard we display here is located near Ulster (Pennsylvania) and it's providing the best condition vehicle pieces to its eventual visitors close to the environs. If you want to inquire an estimation for your old automobile or request for a specific junk spare-part, you can contact them via email or phone. Other visitors have left 5 opinions about this junk yard.

  • 3
    3. Kloiber Auto Recycling


    50.3 miles 

    Do you have sleeping in the garage an aged car or are you trying hard to locate used spare parts compatible with your auto? We recommend to approach this junkyard, since it owns an immense catalog. This junk yard has been rated 1 times by previous users.

  • 4
    4. Bob's Auto Salvage

    19449 route 322, Strattanville

    155.8 miles  open now

    The proper technique to save hundreds of dollars on second hand pieces for your vehicle is by visiting a junk yard and this is an excellent election in the Strattanville neighborhood. More info: The Bob's Auto Salvage is open Monday to Sunday.Other users have left 1 opinions about this salvage yard.

  • 5
    5. Keegan's Automotive


    77.7 miles 

    This salvage yard situated in the city of Campbell (New York), offers an highly qualified service to its buyers, with great bargains but without giving up the best quality and a large variety of supply.

  • 6
    6. Borden Bridge Auto Wrecking


    84.8 miles 

    It's easy to avoid wasting hundreds of dollars on the conservation of your prized automobile by acquiring used spare parts with warranty in this eminent in Addison vicinity junk yard.

  • 7
    7. N/C Industries Antique Auto


    112.4 miles 

    This business situated close to the surroundings of Sayre (Pennsylvania), delivers a very efficient service to its customers, with tremendous bargains but with the best quality and a hefty depht of catalog.

  • 8
    8. Lucchetti Auto

    126 Midway st., Kittanning

    184 miles 

    This salvage yard aims to offer an highly skilled service at the best prices, gathering a vast variety of inventory and with the guarantees demanded by its customers. Users have the opportunity to reach this wrecking yard in the city of Kittanning (Pennsylvania). More info: They're open Monday to Friday.

  • 9
    9. Brooks Auto Wreckers & Towing

    667 Breakneck Rd, Connellsville

    236.8 miles 

    You can economize a lot of money on the maintenance of your prized vehicle by getting used pieces without giving up the expected warranties in this popular in Connellsville neighborhood junkyard. The Brooks Auto Wreckers & Towing is open from Monday to Saturday.This salvage yard has been rated 2 times by previous users.

  • 10
    10. Affordable Auto Parts

    5 Vale Crive, Tannersville

    200.9 miles 

    Interested users have the possibility to locate this salvage yard near the surroundings of the town of Tannersville (Pennsylvania). Its essential business model is the sale of auto pieces at the most reasonable prices in the surroundings but without giving up all the guarantees that you could require. If you need to contact them, you can achieve it this way: email or phone.

Classic Parts in Monroe County by Main City

Please review here the TOP salvage yards for used classic car parts in the county of Monroe. Drivers who enjoy a classic car have very good alternatives in this county to locate excellent second-hand pieces at incredible prices. Keep browsing to check everything we can provide... it's completely free!


Inquire for photographs!

If you are going to perform an internet acquisition of pieces wich can fit your classic vehicle, you may retrieve websites with many or less photos of the piece you're looking for. Of course, if exist a big quantity of images, way better. In the case of an advertisement displaying less photos or that do not make sure what you will get, it is wiser to phone the dealer to inquire for extra photos. In case he accepts, surely it's a confident dealer and you can perform the acquisition with confidence. If he doesn't accept... maybe you should locate another vendor.

Acquire the part now or bid?

In auction sites (like eBay) it is usual to have the option to bid for the piece or barely perform the fast buy (Buy Now). The advantage of buying directly without bidding is that you won't have the risk of losing it to other eventual bidders. It additionally speeds up the acquisition time a little, since it isn't obligatory to wait until the bidding period finishes. The bad part is that you frequently pay much more money than making an offer. This is where it becomes important your talent to determine the true price of the spare and which amount are you predisposed to spend on it. What we can suggest you is that, if the direct acquisition price seems accurate, pay it and do not wait for the bidding to finalize.

Analyze shipping costs

It's common for shipping costs to vary a lot from one logistics provider to another, also subject to the distance. You should check these circumstances to guess if the price of the shipment is fair or exaggerated. It may occur that the dealer wants to hide part of the price of the product by combining it with the shipping costs (this happens sometimes on eBay), you have to be very careful with this. It can also occur in reverse, that we have a free shipping price, but a product with a certain additional price.

Can it be returned?

Before doing the acquisition, scrupulously review the provider's return policies. If the vendor accepts returns, you can purchase more peacefully, since you can return the spare if you are not satisfied with it. Having said that, be polite and do not get advantage of the return policy to prove a spare that won't keep.

Phone the junkyards!

A lot of users think that they will not get any junk spare in good shape in their local junk yard for classic autos, but this is usually an error. It's quite easy to find great spares that can fit your vehicle, such as bumpers, fenders, light bulbs... Now, you may have to put some work on your part to locate what you need, but it sure makes up for it saving money If you do not want to waste any time, the best idea is to telephone the salvage yards in your vicinity directly, since they usually keep a history of the spares they have in their facilities.

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Select here a category to locate more car pieces in Monroe and surroundings. Our free service focuses on providing you the best contact info for these junkyards, we have no relationship at all with them.

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