Find Classic Car Parts in Georgia

If you are visiting the state of Georgia, note that there are at your disposal several salvage yards focused on classic parts. Habitually, used spares are the best method to save some bucks on the maintenance of our classic cars. If you are looking for the best offers on these pieces, our directory gathers all centers in the area of this state and its surroundings.

Top Auto Salvage Yards in Georgia for Classic Car Parts

Check here the most voted vehicle pieces salvage yards by main city. Are you looking for a specific used auto piece? Feel free to use our search engine!

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  • 1
    1. Prestige Mustang

    785 Adamson Drive, Monroe

    5/5 - 1 reviews 

    It's easy to avoid wasting large amounts of money on the maintenance of your well-liked car by acquiring junk spare-parts without giving up the expected warranties in this well-known in Monroe neighborhood junk yard. They're open from Monday to Saturday.This junk yard has been voted 1 times by our visitors.

          Larry B.

    02 mustang seats

    The seats arrived today, packed really well. I had them in my94 by 8pm. Great people to work with. Larry.

  • 2
    2. Yarbrough Auto Parts Co.

    4221 Collard Valley Rd, Cedartown

    The business listed here is placed near Cedartown (Georgia) and it's providing high condition vehicle spares to its potential clients near the environs. In case you want to inquire a valuation for your junk car or ask for a precise used spare, you can get in touch with them using tollfree, phone or email.

  • 3
    3. Edward's Wrecking Yard Inc.

    3180 Westside Rd, Statesboro

    Customers have the possibility to visit the welcoming managers of this salvage yard by this way: email or phone. If you want to get high quality vehicle spares in the municipality of Statesboro (Georgia), they are an ineluctable election. The Edward's Wrecking Yard Inc. is open Monday to Saturday.

  • 4
    4. Tallapoosa Used Cars and Parts


    5/5 - 1 reviews 

    The business you are looking here is placed close to Tallapoosa (Georgia) and it's distributing high performance vehicle pieces to its possible clients close to the vicinity. In case you are aimed to request a quote for your old automobile or request for a precise junk piece, feel free to get in touch with them via tollfree, email and phone. This business has been voted 1 times by previous visitors.

          Tony A.

    Order Enquiry

    Hello, I would like to place an order for some of your products to my store in Nicaragua, I will like to know if i can place orders with my US credit card and if i...

  • 5
    5. Bandits Trans Am Parts


    Visitors have the opportunity to visit the welcoming managers of this junk yard by this way: email, tollfree or phone. If you are aimed to buy high quality vehicle spares in the city of Mcdonough (Georgia), they are an inescapable choice.

  • 6
    6. Carters Auto Salvage


    This business aims to deliver an highly qualified service at the best prices, with an extensive diversity of supply but without giving up the guarantees demanded by its customers. Users have the opportunity to reach this junk yard in the municipality of Doerun (Georgia).

  • 7
    7. M & R Auto Parts


    The proper way to save a lot of money on spare parts suitable for your vehicle is to contact a junk yard and this is an attractive pick near the Mableton area.

  • 8
    8. Mr. Used Auto Parts


    This salvage yard settled close to the municipality of Mableton (Georgia), provides a very specialized and competent service to its customers, offering great discounts but with the highest quality and an extensive breadth of catalog.

  • 9
    9. Obsolete Engines and Parts


    Inhabitants of the Adairsville surroundings have the possibility to check a gargantuan catalog of used spare-parts suitable for their vehicles in this junkyard. It is possible to reach them via: email, tollfree or phone.

  • 10
    10. Performance Latemodel Auto Dismantling


    This junkyard wants to distribute a very specialized and professional assistance at incredible prices, gathering a wide depht of catalog but without giving up the guarantees expected by its customers. You can find this business in the town of Lyons (Georgia).

Classic Car Parts by Main City

This list contains the TOP municipalities with salvage yards for classic parts in Georgia. Locating the best spares for your classic car at incredible prices has never been so simple. Check in depth the lists you will see under these lines to find a salvage yard where you can purchase what you need without having to move far from home.

Locate Classic Parts by County

Find under these lines the county of Georgia where you are looking for a junk yard focused on classic parts. If you are looking for the best for your beautiful classic auto you have come to the best source of free info on internet. Below you will locate the best suppliers of second-hand pieces at the lowest prices in the market!


Ask for photos!

If you are going to make an internet purchase of pieces wich can fit your classic car, you may find websites with many or few photographs of the part you're looking for. Of course, if there are many photographs, way better. In the case of an advertisement including fewer photographs or that do not make clear what you will obtain, it is a good idea to contact the distributor to ask for extra pictures. In case he accepts, certainly it's a credible distributor and you can do the purchase safely. In case he doesn't accept... maybe you should locate another seller.

Buy it now or bid?

In sell-off websites (like eBay) it is frequent to have the possibility to bid for the spare or barely perform the direct purchase (Buy Now). The advantage of buying directly without bidding is that you won't have any possibility of dropping it to other eventual purchasers. It also speeds up the buy process a little, since it isn't necessary to wait until the auction interval finishes. The downside is that you usually pay a lot of extra dollars than making an offer. Here comes into play our capacity to determine the true price of the spare and what are you inclined to spend on it. What we can suggest you is that, if the fast purchase price sounds legit, buy it and do not wait for the bidding to finalize.

Check shipping costs

It is common for shipping costs to change greatly from one carrier provider to another, also subject to the distance. You have to check these circumstances to calculate if the price of the shipment is fair or exaggerated. It could occur that the provider wants to mask part of the cost of the part by including it in the shipping costs (this occurs sometimes on eBay), you have to be very meticulous with this. It can also happen in reverse, that you see a free shipping cost, but item with a certain extra cost.

Check return policies

Before doing the acquisition, rigorously review the provider's return policies. If the vendor accepts returns, you can acquire more peacefully, since you can return the spare part if you are not satisfied with it. Having said that, please be fair and don't get advantage of the return policies to try a part that you will not want later.

Phone the junk yards!

Many owners believe that they will not locate any used part in good shape in their local salvage yard for classic autos, but this is generally an error. It is quite easy to locate good spares that can match your car, such as bumpers, fenders, spark plugs... Now, you may have to put some work on your part to locate what you need, but it sure makes up for it saving money If you do not want to waste any time, the wiser is to phone the salvage yards in your area directly, since they commonly keep a record of the parts they have in their warehouse.

Find additional vehicle parts near Georgia

Please click below on a category to find additional used auto pieces in Georgia. Keep in mind that we have no business relationship with these centers, we only offer you the contact information you may need to reach them.

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