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If you're searching classic car parts in the vicinity of Charlotte and its surrounding area, you are in the  best place. We have managed to gather on our site the biggest database of junk yards focused on used spares for classic vehicles you can find out there. Navigating our listings is completely free, so you will be able to get the most comprehensive contact info on these recycling centers.

If you are in the situation of considering the removal of your automobile in a Charlotte, NC junkyard, be assured that you have a wide range of options to choose from.

  1. In order to promptly receive a fair quotation, you can contact us at 1-833-693-5944 or fill out our user-friendly online form. Your pre-owned auto may attract interest from several recyclers, ensuring that you receive an great amount for it.
  2. If you want to maximize the profitability of your car, consider selling its individual components separately through a classified listing. By placing an ad, you can harness your vehicle's full potential and draw in purchasers specifically interested in your used pieces.
  3. Listed below is a detailed compilation of the closest auto junkyards. Take a moment to review the list and make personal contact with each one.
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Top Salvage Yards for Classic Car Parts near Charlotte, NC

This is the list of salvage yards for classic car parts close to Charlotte. Choose an item from the list to review the full contact information.

  • 1
    1. Richard's Auto Sales & Salvage

    7638 NC Hwy 49 S., Denton

    50.7 miles 

    You can economize a lot of money on the repairs of your beloved auto by obtaining second hand parts without giving up the necessary warranties in this popular in Denton area salvage yard. They're open Monday to Saturday.Other visitors have left 1 thoughts about this salvage yard.

  • 2
    2. 109 U-Pull-It Auto Parts

    3459 Thomasville Road, Winston Salem

    71.1 miles  open now

    In case you're looking for the cheapest junk parts near the Winston Salem vicinity, this wrecking yard can be a great pick to purchase them at a great price. You can contact them using: email and phone. They're open from Monday to Saturday.

  • 3
    3. T & T Motors


    20.9 miles 

    This business located close to the municipality of Dallas (North Carolina), offers a very specialized and professional service to its customers, with incredible discounts but with the expected excellency and an extensive depht of inventory.

  • 4

    11324 CENTER ROAD, Bladenboro

    124.3 miles 

    This junk yard located in the city of Bladenboro (North Carolina), distributes an highly efficient service to its shoppers, offering tremendous offers but without giving up the highest quality and an immense breadth of catalog. They're open Monday to Saturday.This business has been rated 1 times by previous visitors.

  • 5
    5. M&J Auto Sales

    5620 S. Irby St., Effingham

    99.9 miles  open now

    If you are in the search for the best second-hand spare parts near the Effingham neighborhood, this wrecking yard can be a suitable pick to buy them at a low price. Feel free to get in touch with them via: email or phone. They're open from Monday to Sunday.

  • 6
    6. Dobb's Auto & Truck Parts

    5044 US Highway 74 W, Lumberton

    110.1 miles 

    This junkyard wich operates near the surroundings of Lumberton (North Carolina), delivers an highly qualified service to its clients, with surprising discounts but with the highest excellency and an immense depht of supply. Additional info: The Dobb's Auto & Truck Parts is open from Monday to Friday.This business has been voted 2 times by previous users.

  • 7
    7. B & D Salvage Autos & Parts


    55.6 miles 

    This salvage yard situated in the city of Valdese (North Carolina), provides a very specialized and competent service to its purchasers, with great bargains but with the best excellency and an immense depht of catalog.

  • 8
    8. Thomasville Classic


    66.3 miles 

    This junkyard placed near the city of Trinity (North Carolina), delivers an highly professional service to its customers, with excellent bargains but with the highest excellency and a generous diversity of supply.

  • 9
    9. Tyler's lawn equipment and vehicle salvage

    1159 Marsh Kornegay Rd, Faison

    152.6 miles  open now

    This salvage yard aims to offer a very skilled assistance at incredible prices, gathering a broad depht of inventory and with the guarantees requested by its customers. You can meet this wrecking yard in the town of Faison (North Carolina). More info: They work from Monday to Sunday.

  • 10
    10. Webster's Garage &Salvage

    Mc Coll

    81.7 miles 

    The best way to economize a lot of money on used pieces suitable for your car is to contact a junk yard and this is a very good election near the Mc Coll area.

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Inquire for pictures!

If you are going to make an online acquisition of spare parts for your classic auto, you may locate sites with several or less images of the piece you are looking for. Of course, if exist many images, way better. In the case of an advertisement displaying fewer pictures or that do not make sure what you will get, it's a good idea to phone the dealer to send you more images. In case he accepts, surely it's a reliable vendor and you should do the purchase safely. In case he does not accept... probably you should do business with another seller.

Buy the part directly or bid?

In sell-off web portals (like eBay) it is normal to locate the possibility to bid for the spare or barely perform the direct purchase (Buy Now). The convenience of purchasing directly with no bidding is that you won't have the risk of dropping it to other potential purchasers. It additionally speeds up the purchase process a bit, since it isn't obligatory to wait until the auction interval ends. The bad part is that you ordinarily spend a lot more than performing an offer. This is where it becomes important our ability to determine the real price of the spare and what are you willing to pay for it. What we can advise you is that, if the fast price price sounds accurate, pay it and do not wait for the auction to conclude.

Check shipping costs

It is common for shipping costs to vary notably from one carrier company to another, also depending on the mileage. You have to review these circumstances to understand if the price of the shipment is fair or too expensive. It may occur that the distributor wants to camouflage part of the price of the item by combining it with the shipping price (this occurs sometimes on eBay), you need to be very prudent with this. It can also happen on the contrary, that you have a free shipping cost, but item with some extra price.

Read return policies

Before performing the purchase, rigorously read the dealer's return policies. In case the provider takes returns, you can purchase more peacefully, since you can return the spare part if you are not convinced with it. Having said that, be honest and do not take advantage of the return policies to prove a product that really does not interest you.

Contact the salvage yards!

A lot of owners think that they will not locate any second hand piece in good condition in their local salvage yard for classic cars, but this is normally an error. It is quite simple to find good spares that can fit your car, such as mufflers, fenders, spark plugs... Now, you may have to put some work on your part to retrieve what you want, but it sure makes up for it saving money If you do not want to waste any time, the ideal is to call the salvage yards near your area directly, since they usually maintain a history of the parts they keep in their warehouse.

Locate other auto parts near Charlotte

You can click under this paragraph on a category in order to search additional used car spare-parts near Charlotte. Remember that we have no business relationship with these recyclers, we only offer you the contact information you may need to visit them.

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