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Passaic county, New Jersey

Perhaps you find yourself searching contact info (like directions, telephone number, fax...) related to a salvage yard for Car parts in the city of Paterson. If what want are second hand spares for your auto with good discounts, you have come to the best place.

Our website is intended to offer the most truthful database of junk yards for auto pieces all over the city of Paterson and its nearby area. If you want to buy the best pieces at great prices, please navigate through the lists under these lines or take profit from our clickable maps.

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45 Montgomery St, Paterson

Neighbors of the Paterson area can access a gargantuan catalog of second-hand parts for their cars in this salvage yard. You can contact them using: phone. Additional information: The Harry & Phils Auto Wrecking Company is open from Monday to Friday.

354 Marshall St, Paterson

This business situated in the municipality of Paterson (New Jersey), delivers an highly efficient service to its customers, offering excellent discounts but with the highest excellency and a huge diversity of inventory. You have the possibility to contact them using: phone.

6983 Getty Ave, Paterson

It's easy to save hundreds of dollars on the maintenance of your beloved vehicle by acquiring second-hand parts with warranty in this eminent in Paterson neighborhood salvage yard. More info: The A A 1 Auto Recycling Sales & Salvage is open from Monday to Friday.

165 River St, Paterson

If you are looking for the best second-hand parts in the Paterson surroundings, this business is an excellent option to buy them at a low price. You can contact them using: phone. More info: The Bridge Auto Wreckers Incorporated is open Monday to Friday.


You can save a lot of money on the repairs of your beloved auto by acquiring second-hand spares with warranty in this leading in Paterson neighborhood junk yard. Additional info: The CFS AUTO WRECKERS is open from Monday to Saturday.

354 Marshall St, Paterson

You can talk with the attentive owners of this salvage yard using these means: phone. In order to acquire the best quality auto parts in the town of Paterson (New Jersey), they are an inescapable option. More information: The Clifton Auto Recycling is open from Monday to Friday.

330 River St, Paterson

Purchasers can locate this junk yard in the proximity of the town of Paterson (New Jersey). Its main business model is the distribution of auto spares at the best prices in the area and offering all the guarantees that you may require. If you want to get in touch with them, you can do it this way: phone.

39 Summer St, Paterson

Purchasers can locate this business in the neighborhood of the town of Paterson (New Jersey). Its preeminent business area is the sale of auto parts at the best prices in the area and providing all the warranties that you may require. If you need to contact them, you can do it this way: phone.

785 Main St, Paterson

Do you own an used car or are you looking for used pieces for your auto? We advise you a visit to this junk yard, since it has a huge inventory. More information: The Hill Auto Parts is open Monday to Friday.

Glen Rock
5.6 miles

The perfect method to economize large amounts of money on used parts for your automobile is by visiting a vehicle wrecking yard, and this is an excellent option in the Glen Rock surroundings.