Find Used Car Parts in Monroe County and surroundings
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There can be found several salvage yards focused on purchasing and distributing car parts and junk vehicles in the county of Monroe and its surroundings. These centers are also very often called junk yards and generally they are specialized in selling second hand spares from cars, motorcycles, trucks or ATVs. Our directory contains the most complete database of junk yards placed in this county and its surrounding area. If you want to purchase the spares you are looking for, you can review the listings below this text, take advantage of our search engine or browse the visual maps we make available below.

When you're considering getting rid of your vehicle at a salvage yard near Monroe County (NY), rest assured that you have multiple options to select from.

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  2. To optimize the value of your automobile, take into account selling its individual components separately through a classified listing. By publishing an advertisement, you can tap into your auto's full potential and attract purchasers who are specifically interested in your components.
  3. Under these lines, you'll locate a complete directory of the nearest auto salvage yards. Take a moment to review the list and contact them one by one.
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Top Junk Yards in and around Monroe County for Used Auto Parts

Users can check here all the salvage yards specialized in car parts close to Monroe, placed on the map. You can click on the links below to view the full info sheet. Be aware that we have no relationship with these scrap yards, we only deliver you the contact info that we think you could need.

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  • 1
    1. Cars 4 Cash INC.

    96 Keswick Road, Rochester

    5/5 - 1 reviews 

    You can save large amounts of money on the repairs of your beloved car by getting second hand spare parts with guarantee in this popular in Rochester vicinity wrecking yard. Additional info: The Cars 4 Cash INC. is open Monday to Saturday.Additionally, you can check 1 reviews left by other users.

          Joel M.

    Quick and easy

    I gave them a call and had my car towed away within hours (numerous places I called either didn’t answer or didn’t tow). When I went to meet the tow truck driver...

  • 2
    2. Action Auto Parts

    2996 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester

    In case you are looking for the highest quality second-hand pieces near the Rochester area, this wrecking yard is an incredible election to purchase them at a low price. You have the possibility to contact them using: tollfree, phone and email. The Action Auto Parts is open Monday to Saturday.

  • 3
    3. Zerniak Auto Parts

    8684 W Ridge Rd, Brockport

    Buyers have the possibility to reach the attentive managers of this junkyard by this way: phone and email. In order to acquire high quality auto parts in the town of Brockport (New York), they are an inescapable election. They work from Monday to Friday.

  • 4
    4. Flint Auto Wreckers

    15 Flint St, Rochester

    Users can visit the friendly owners of this junkyard by these methods: phone. If you are aimed to obtain the best quality auto parts in the town of Rochester (New York), they are an ineluctable pick. Additional info: This junkyard business hours info is not available yet.

  • 5
    5. A S K Auto Recycling & Salvage Company Incorporated

    1535 Clinton Ave N, Rochester

    If you're looking for the highest quality junk spares near the Rochester surroundings, this business is an incredible option to buy them at a great price. You have the possibility to get in touch with them using: phone. This business schedule information is not available but you have the possibility to check its web.

  • 6
    6. Northside Salvage Yard, Inc.


    If you're in the task of looking for the cheapest junk spare parts near the Rochester neighborhood, this junk yard can be a great election to buy them at a low price. You have the opportunity to get in touch with them using: email, phone or tollfree.

  • 7
    7. Wilbert's Buick & GMC, Inc.


    Buyers have the opportunity to talk with the welcoming owners of this junkyard by these methods: tollfree, phone and email. If you want to buy the best quality auto parts in the town of Webster (New York), they are an inescapable pick.

  • 8
    8. Chappells Junkyard

    4630 County Road 46, Canandaigua

    40.4 miles 

    The junk yard listed here is wich operates near Canandaigua (New York) and it's providing incredible condition vehicle pieces to its potential visitors close to the proximity. In case you are aimed to inquire a quote for your junk auto or ask for a specific second-hand piece, please contact them using phone and email. This salvage yard has been voted 2 times by our users.

  • 9
    9. Bills Auto Wrecking

    13333 Hanlon Rd, Albion

    12.3 miles 

    It's easy to save hundreds of dollars on the reparation of your prized car by purchasing junk spare parts with guarantee in this eminent in Albion vicinity business. They work from Monday to Saturday.

  • 10
    10. Metalico Bergen Auto Recycling

    7652 Clinton Street Rd, Bergen

    9 miles 

    Are you the owner of an aged vehicle or are you looking for second-hand spare parts suitable for your auto? This directory recommend a visit to this wrecking yard, since it gathers a wide stock. Additional information: They work from Monday to Saturday.

Used Car Parts in Monroe County by City

You can review below this text the most visited wrecking yards specialized in car parts in Monroe. You only have to tap the titles to arrive to a new section with all the cities in this county and their surrounding centers. If you want to check a comprehensive list of counties belonging to this state, you have a link to that effect.


Advice on where to obtain junk spares near Monroe County (NY)

When you're looking for used pieces close to Monroe County (NY), we recommend you visit a well-known dealer whenever you can. There are lots of salvage yards and recycling centers for all types of cars, motorbikes and trucks all over the United States, but not all meet the same standards or offer the same warranties. It's basic to learn well before purchasing.
A clue that will help you to discern if a recycler is trustworthy, is to review that it is well standardized and has its parts perfectly classified. As in other industries, experience is an aspect to take into account, so look at the providers who have been working with used pieces for more years. Generally, providers with a great reputation in the sector generally offer some type of guarantee on the parts they sell.

Warranty of second auto parts in Monroe County (NY)

It's very common that the second-hand pieces that you purchase in a salvage yard or recycling facility does not deliver with an associated warranty. However, that does not mean that there are no distributors that deliver a good warranty for the car junk spare parts they market. From here we recommend that you try to locate an used parts supplier that provides at least a 3-month guarantee period, to have some security that what you are purchasing is functioning as expected.

Recommended used auto spare parts to buy in Monroe County (NY)

One parameter in which many do not notice is that car makers often reshape the image of their vehicles, but this also implies that they reuse spares from one year to another, even reusing the same component in various models of car or motorbike, as the case may be.
Remember that that the newer the second hand spares you buy, the less garnered dirt they will have. From that point of view, it's much more interesting to invest a few more dollars on junk spares, since they'll be more strong and will better withstand the passing of miles.

Make sure you are aware of the precise piece you need!

It's essential to know all the characteristics of the spare you need before purchasing it. A fundamental information is the vehicle ID number, also known as VIN.
If it is a small spare part, you can take it to the junk yard when you go to purchase the new one. This will help you check both and make sure you do not make a mistake in your purchase.
Keep alert with duplicate spares, as they are not original and tailored to your auto, so they are not safe at all. In general, duplicate spares are easy to locate, since they have a slightly different appearance and some errors, such as typography or logos.

Check junk spares return policy in Monroe County (NY)

If you purchase a second hand spare part in Monroe County (NY) and you see that it does not work as it should or breaks down after running a few miles, you are sure you'll want to return or exchange it.
It's basic to know the buying stipulations and review the conditions of sale before buying this type of used parts. In case the distributor does not provide any kind of warranty, what we recommend from our team is to search another salvage yard where to get it.
Remember that, if you buy a junk part without guarantee and it stops working in a few days, you'll have to spend twice as much money to get the spare back.

Search additional car spares near Monroe

Feel free to click under these lines a category to locate other car or motorbike parts in Monroe and its vicinity. The categories allow you to filter the pieces provided by the salvage yards present in this county.

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