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Find here the most truthful site you'll locate if you´re looking for salvage yards specialized in auto parts in the famous city of Chicago and its closest area. The best method to locate the best deals for used car parts is to visit the dealers that inspire more confidence and better evaluations in the area.

We have taken care to gather in one web portal every salvage yard near the area of Chicago with the most verified contact info. Feel free to deliver us your feedback in relation to these recycling centers!

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Top Salvage Yards for Used Car Parts in Chicago, IL

Below you have the wrecking yards with second hand auto parts closest to Chicago, placed on the map. Tap on the links under this paragraph to access your desired recycling center page to see the complete contact info.

  • 1
    1. U Pull It Chicago

    4555 W North Av, Chicago

    The junk yard you are looking here is settled close to Chicago (Illinois) and it's offering the best condition auto parts to its possible clients close to the proximity. If you are aimed to request an estimation for your junk car or ask for a precise used piece, feel free to get in touch with them using phone and email.

  • 2
    2. Adelman's Truck Parts

    3051 E 106th st, Chicago

    The finest approach to economize large amounts of money on used parts for your vehicle is by visiting a wrecking yard and this is a superb option close to the Chicago zone. More information: They work from Monday to Saturday.

  • 3
    3. J & J Auto Recycle

    3341 W Cermak Rd, Chicago

    5/5 - 1 reviews 

    Customers have the opportunity to reach the welcoming owners of this wrecking yard by these methods: phone. In case you want to acquire the best quality vehicle parts in the town of Chicago (Illinois), they are an inescapable option. They work from Monday to Friday.Other customers have left 1 opinions about this junk yard.

          Mrs. Y.



  • 4
    4. Petco Auto Parts

    3305 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago

    This salvage yard located close to the municipality of Chicago (Illinois), provides an highly qualified service to its purchasers, offering incredible discounts but with the expected excellency and a considerable variety of supply. They are open from Monday to Friday.

  • 5
    5. Laredo Auto Parts & Wreckers Incorporated

    3001 W 26th St, Chicago

    Do you own an old car or are you looking for second hand pieces compatible with your automobile? This directory recommend a visit to this junkyard, since it has an enormous inventory. Additional information: They're open from Monday to Friday.

  • 6
    6. Laredo Auto Parts & Wreckers Inc.

    3025 W 26th St, Chicago

    The proper technique to economize large amounts of money on spare pieces for your automobile is by approaching a wrecking yard and this is an attractive election near the Chicago location. Additional information: They're open Monday to Friday.

  • 7
    7. Cee Auto Parts & Sales Inc.

    4820 W North Ave, Chicago

    Do you have an used car or are you trying hard to locate cheap pieces compatible with your auto? This site suggest to approach this junkyard, since it delivers a gargantuan inventory. The Cee Auto Parts & Sales Inc. is open Monday to Friday.

  • 8
    8. Better West Auto Repair

    5835 W Grand Ave, Chicago

    Interested users can find this junkyard close to the neighborhood of the town of Chicago (Illinois). Its preeminent business area is the distribution of auto spare parts with the most incredible prices in the state but without giving up all the guarantees that you could request. If you need to reach them, you can do it by these means: phone.

  • 9
    9. Arandas Bumpers & Auto Body Repair & Parts

    4501 W Grand Ave, Chicago

    The best technique to economize a lot of money on used parts suitable for your automobile is by visiting a salvage yard and this is an outstanding choice close to the Chicago location. The Arandas Bumpers & Auto Body Repair & Parts is open Monday to Friday.

  • 10
    10. A Reliable Auto Parts & Wreckers


    You can save a lot of money on the repairs of your prized car by buying second hand spare parts without giving up the necessary warranties in this prominent in Chicago surroundings salvage yard. Additional info: They work from Monday to Friday.

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Advice on where to obtain junk spares in Chicago, IL

When you're looking for used spare parts near Chicago, IL, we suggest you visit a trusted d whenever possible. There are countless junk yards and recycling centers for all types of vehicles all over the United States, but not all have the same quality or offer the same guarantees. It's essential to learn well before buying.
A tip that will guide you to learn if a dealer is trustworthy, is to review that it is well standardized and has its pieces properly inventoried. As in other industries, experience is an aspect to keep in mind, so look at the suppliers who have been working with used parts for more years. Generally, distributors with a good notoriety in the sector commonly offer some type of guarantee on the spares they market.

Warranty of junk auto pieces in Chicago, IL

It's very common that the second-hand parts that you retrieve in a junk yard or recycling facility does not come with a guarantee. Nevertheless, this does not show that there are no dealers that offer a limited warranty for the auto junk parts they sell. This website advise you to try to locate a junk spares distributor that provides at least a three months guarantee period, to have at least a minimum assurance that what you are buying is running flawlessly.

Suggested second hand car spare parts to obtain near Chicago, IL

An issue that many miss is that auto distributors often reshape the image of their vehicles, but this also implies that they reuse parts from one season to another, even reinstalling the same spare in several models of auto or motorbike, as the case may be.
Note that the newer the second hand spare parts you acquire, the less accumulated dirt they will have. From that point of view, it is much more rational to invest a little more money on used spares, since they will be more lasting and will better resist the passing of miles.

Make sure you are aware of the precise piece you need!

It is important to know all the specifics of the piece you want before obtaining it. A crucial information is the vehicle ID number, also called VIN.
If it's a little spare, you can take it to the provider when you go to buy the new one. This will help you compare and make sure you do not make a mistake in your purchase.
Keep alert with duplicate spares, as they are not OEM and specific to your vehicle, so they are not safe at all. In general, duplicate pieces are easy to detect, since they have a slightly different appearance and some errors, such as typography or logos.

Check used parts return policy in Chicago, IL

If you buy a second hand spare part in Chicago, IL and you see that it is not working properly or breaks down after running a few miles, you are sure you will want to return or exchange it.
It's essential to know the purchase preconditions and read carefully the fine print before purchasing this type of junk parts. In case the dealer does not deliver any kind of warranty, what we recommend from our team is to search another wrecking yard where to purchase it.
Note that, if you obtain a spare without warranty and it starts to fail in a few weeks, you'll have to spend twice as much money to get the piece back.

Purchase other vehicle parts near Chicago

You can click below on a category in order to locate additional second-hand car pieces near Chicago. Remember that we have no commercial relationship with these recyclers, we only deliver you the contact info you can need to visit them.

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