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Nova Scotia

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Nearby Scrap yards of Blandford
146 New Harbour Road, Blandford

You can talk with the attentive owners of this junk yard using these means: phone, tollfree and email. In order to acquire the best quality vehicle pieces in the town of Blandford (Nova Scotia), they are an inescapable choice. More info: The Covey’s Auto Recyclers opening schedule info is not available so far, however, you can check its web.

1335 Highway 359 North, Kentville
71.8 miles

You can talk with the helpful managers of this business using these means: phone or email. In order to purchase the best quality auto spares in the city of Kentville (Nova Scotia), they are an ineludible option. Additional information: The Poehl’s Auto Recyclers opening hours information is not available yet, despite this you can review its website.

RR#2, 332 Brookside Branch Road, Truro
117.9 miles

The perfect way to save large amounts of money on used parts for your auto is by approaching a vehicle junk yard, and this is a great choice in the Truro surroundings.

RR#1 Church Point, Digby County
127.1 miles

If you are looking for the best used spares in the Digby County area, this business is an excellent option to purchase them at a low price. You can contact them via: email, tollfree and phone. More information: The Dugas Auto Recyclers & Rebuilders business hours info is not available so far but you can check its website.

3 Cottage Road, Saint John
177.1 miles

This business is placed in Saint John (New Brunswick) and it's offering high quality auto pieces to its potential customers in the proximity. If you want to inquire a valuation for your used car or ask for a specific junk piece, please get in touch with them using phone and email.

2224 Glenmartin, Montague
218.6 miles

Do you own an old car or are you looking for second-hand spares for your automobile? We advise you to approach this junk yard, since it offers an enormous catalog. Additional info: The O'Briens Recycling is open from Monday to Saturday.