JunkYards Near 48146
Lincoln Park, MI

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The junk yards you can see under this paragraph are the nearest to the ZIP code you provided before (48146, Lincoln Park). Additionally, the distance to the desired placement is indicated, so you can orient yourself better.

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    Detroit Used Auto Sales
    Detroit Used Auto Sales

    7320 Appoline St, Dearborn

    7.3 miles  open now

    This business situated in the city of Dearborn (Michigan), offers an highly professional service to its customers, with great bargains but with the highest quality and a large breadth of catalog. Additional information: They work from Monday to Friday.

  • 2
    Vanborn Auto Wrecking
    Vanborn Auto Wrecking

    28527 Van Born Rd, Romulus

    7.4 miles  open now

    It's easy to save large amounts of money on the reparation of your well-liked vehicle by acquiring second-hand parts with guarantee in this popular in Romulus area business. Additional information: They work from Monday to Friday.

  • 3
    Dearborn Auto Clinic
    Dearborn Auto Clinic

    23645 Ford Rd, Dearborn

    7.5 miles  open now

    The best way to save hundreds of dollars on spare parts for your car is by approaching a vehicle salvage yard, and this is an excellent choice in the Dearborn surroundings. The Dearborn Auto Clinic is open from Monday to Saturday.

  • 4
    Cartek Auto Parts
    Cartek Auto Parts

    7780 Majestic, Detroit

    7.6 miles  open now

    You can contact the friendly owners of this business by these methods: phone. In order to acquire the best quality auto pieces in the municipality of Detroit (Michigan), they are an ineludible option. They work from Monday to Friday.

  • 5
    Bishop Auto Wrecking
    Bishop Auto Wrecking

    2780 Spring Hill Ave, Inkster

    8.1 miles  open now

    You can economize large amounts of money on the repairs of your loved vehicle by acquiring used spares with guarantee in this well-known in Inkster area business. Additional information: They work from Monday to Friday.

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