Saturn VUE 2004
London, ON

Needs: new windshield (temperature crack, not impact),new cradle driver's side is cracked, new rubber hose to gas tank (we got 3/4tank full out,fill tube ok), back window wiper -stiff/slow wiping. Hazard button works, just pull forward in dash again \r\nNew muffler,manifold flex pipe,brakes/rotors/calipers, alt belt, battery done last summer. \r\nWinter tires on (needs newer winters &steel rims), summers I didn't use, in garage. \r\nIt runs.Regular oil/filter/fluid changes.Battery stored now.

London, ON N5X 4H9


150,000 - 160,000

About this 2004 Saturn VUE

This salvage car AD was created on February 7, 2023 and it's located in the city of London, state of Ontario. In case you are interested on the complete 2004 Saturn VUE or any spare, or have any question, please complete the form below in order to talk directly to the owner.

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